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Rivendell 03-03-07 22:20

I keep unintentionally going around in circles in the sandsea desert :pi:

I'm loving this game more and more! (Especially when Vossler is in the team! If I'm struggling, he walks up behind an enemy that's about to kill me, and BAM! smacks them dead! :D )

So much exploring :hug: I'm getting more spells, and having fun with the battles. I went and killed a giant turtle for a sand person, then got his 'berries' treasure (which I have to say so far I'm quite disappointed with - it's not worth much.. I wanted GIL for defeating that shelled git!)

I find this game much more relaxing in combat - It makes a nice change from the tense 'can I make it over there withou-WHOOOOOOOOSH Battle starts ... Hmm. I guess not.'

Legend of Lara 03-03-07 23:12

I don't like the XII moogles. They're all realistic and not cartoony. That's WRONG!!! Those huge red noses and anime style heads... all gone. :(

Hyper_Crazy 03-03-07 23:16

I just want to take one of the FFXII Moogles home with me :D

Rivendell 03-03-07 23:17

I love the new moogles! 9 were my fave because of the Kupo noise they made, Crystal Chronicles were cool and fluffy (I loved shaving them! :jmp: ) and these in 12 are just the definition of Uber-Cute imo :D

Hyper_Crazy 03-03-07 23:18

Kupo noise, I miss that :(

Legend of Lara 03-03-07 23:18


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 1620493)
I just want to take one of the FFXII Moogles home with me :D

I wanna take the Kingdom Hearts one home and use its nose as a pillow. :p
Then I wanna take the one from IX and snuggle. :hug:

Rivendell 03-03-07 23:36

:yah: Finally at the Tomb of Raithwall :D

Just up to 14 hours playing, and that 'Dark' spell was really useful against the bird boss outside the tomb!

Legend of Lara 03-03-07 23:42

In my opinion, the battle system in XII is a bit like a cross between real-time and ATB. You get to move around freely selecting targets and dodging attacks but you have to select the actions, the enemy to use it on and wait for the character to use it. Kinda weird but I eventually got used to it.

Psyched 04-03-07 00:09

Bah, I'm just going to the aerodrome. So far behind. :|

The battle system is a lot like Vagrant Story's; mainly because the same can be said for the development team. It helped me a lot with the Mimic Queen in that I could lure her off with Vaan while my team attacked but sometimes it's a little hard to manage all your characters when they're trying to get themselves killed.

MiCkiZ88 04-03-07 00:34

Oh yeah :yah: !

I just got to the tomb of erm.. what ever king. Got rid of that birdy by an 8 chain of quickenings.

Ashe, Bash, Penelo, Ashe, Penelo, Penelo, Ashe, Penelo + Catalysm! :yah:
That combo was a beauty to watch :cool:



Rivendell.. only 14 hours? I've played 17:39 hours since thursday :o

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