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Frceghst8 12-07-21 00:19

What did you like or dislike about TR Underworld
Overall I liked the game. However it needed boss battles I.m.o

Greenapple968 12-07-21 01:06

I really didn't like anything about the game; I didn't even make it to the end of the first level when I stopped playing the game and didn't return to it. :p

xdesperado_ 12-07-21 01:15

What I liked about Underworld:

- Lara's model (she reminds me of Core classic Lara for some reason)
- The graphics, which have aged incredibly well (can't say the same for the PS2/Wii versions though)
- The first half of the game (Thailand & Southern Mexico being the highlights)
- Lara's doppelgänger (especially the awesome teaser trailer showing Croft Manor being blown up)
- Alister getting killed off
- Lara's Shadow was cool (played it for the first time ever last year) it's kind of overrated, but it's only decent for me.
- The final cutscene in Lara's Shadow when Lara's doppelgänger watches Natla die.

What I didn't like about Underworld:

- The game's short length
- The second half of the game felt boring
- Natla's return, her presence was underwhelming
- Not having a proper Croft Manor level (outside of the story)
- The story wasn't particularly great
- All of the thrall enemies were annoying (in general the enemies in this game weren't interesting)
- Terrible combat system & the weapons were horribly balanced (most of which were underpowered)
- Awkward platforming & camera movement (the game feels unpolished overall)
- The soundtrack isn't very memorable (a downgrade from Legend's)
- The ending

Chamayoo 12-07-21 11:24

Good points :

- Graphics and artstyle
- Platforming in general, thanks to Lara's incredible moveset
- Nice soundtracks
- The outfits are generally good and I like the fact we could choose them before starting the level.
- Nice puzzles and correct level design
- Enemies were varied and some originals
- Keeley Hawes
- Natla was funny
- The balance between combat/exploration/puzzles was alright
- The first half was really enjoyable
- The underwater mechanics, I love that you could fight and interact a lot while swimming.

Bad points :

- Laborious secret system, not rewarding.
- No boss fights
- Story was meh and cheesy
- Animation not really good to look at
- Overall unpolished
- Like the variety of weapons but not really useful and no ammos to look at.
- The last half was dull and generally disappointing
- Combat isn't really good mostly because the dodges didn't work properly

perryloo 13-07-21 18:14


Originally Posted by Frceghst8 (Post 8309344)
Overall I liked the game. However it needed boss battles I.m.o

I am sure Underpuss (the Big Octopussy)was a boss :p


Frceghst8 13-07-21 23:11

To perryloo
Lol, Octopussy, great 007 reference. The Kraken is the official name for the giant octobeast if I remember correctly. Nope the giant octopus wasn't a boss it was a puzzle. :tea:

Mek 14-07-21 06:18

What I liked:
  • graphics

What I disliked:
  • story
  • combat
  • atmosphere
  • camera's behaviour
  • Lara's personality
  • domination of platforming involving edges
  • lack of Croft Manor

gr00tcake 15-07-21 00:24

-Added moves
-Thailand's Scenery

Cons (here we go)
-Lara's model, would have preferred if they kept the 2007 alpha version (similar to the one from legend)
-The controls were horrible! Why could they not have just used the Legend engine and improve on that
-I didn't like how we had access to all the weapons on the PDA. Would have preferred collecting guns and ammo
-More urban locations were needed IMO, considering the second half of the game was quite bland
-Croft Manor :(
-Lack of Replay value (time trials, outfits etc)

Rai 15-07-21 02:58

It's been a long time since I've played it. I made an attempt just before Shadow released but got bored. So from memory.


The graphics are very pretty, especially Thailand.
This exchange: "I'm very pleased to see you again, Lara." "Jacqueline Natla, you just don't know when to die. "
The underwater section of the Arctic Sea.
The puzzle to JN's 'boss fight'.


Camera - it makes me feel iffy.
Lara's model. It needed to be more like Legend's model.
Pots and more pots
That blue maze area.
The level names confused me so much :o.
The combat system. It worked fine in Legend, it was fine in Ani, so 'refining' it for TRU made it feel oddly awkward and complicated. Same with the grapple.
Over abundance of thralls.
Lara randomly throwing the hammah at Natla instead of actively attacking her with it.
Blue goo.
Amelia's demise. Not the emotion Lara goes through, just the 'oops we almost forgot, better put her in' feel to her appearance. Same with the dais travel system. Had Lara forgotten her initial motivation for going on this adventure?
The story overall. Natla appearing wasn't unappreciated, but I feel the original concepts would have been better. Oh and pretty much abandoning the Arthurian myth for the Norse one.
Having to kill the Kraken, which was basically imprisoned as a guardian of sorts. I never saw it as a proper threat.
Jerky movements for some animations.
The repeated Andaman sea section.
The menu.

JuditePrince12 17-07-21 00:07

My biggest complaint was how buggy it was. Her animations took a noticeable dip in quality compared to Anniversary and Legend. Everything about the game was very broken, jerky and annoying to play through. Second biggest complaint was the story. At the start of the LAU trilogy, Legend was so amazing and promising but after that both Anniversary and Underworld had meh stories. Granted I like Natla but forcing her to be tied in with Lara's father just made all of Underworld boring with a disappointing finish.

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