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.snake. 06-12-21 04:17


Originally Posted by LateRaider (Post 8334154)
5. 2000 - The man from Arkansas returns in Tomb Raider: Chronicles' first flashback set of levels. In an official character render with his biography, his name is spelled "Larson." This is also how his name is spelled in his game model data. Prima release a strategy guide for the game, written by James Price, and spell his name in the same fashion. (Guide scans eventually posted by Zreen001 so LateRaider could verify for themself)

Just a minor thing, not related to his name and that carries no great weight, so you may want to add it or not: You mention him as being the "man from Arkansas" when he returns in Chronicles. But, oddly enough, he seems to be from Texas in Chronicles, at least according to this scanned profile page.


Of course, there is no Little Rock, TX, only a Round Rock, TX... but there does happen to be a Little Rock, AR. So, this is most likely just another error on Core's part.

LateRaider 06-12-21 07:20

yeah lol. i like to pretend that the "little rock, texas" thing doesn't exist lmao

i'm trying to get in contact with justin to do a small update of my article but it seems he has DMs off?

tlr online 06-12-21 07:52

Back on again.

LateRaider 06-12-21 17:55

Thank you kindly, Justin! :)

The article has been edited with the newest addition from the thetreeble. This should mark the end of things until TR Reloaded releases proper. But you never know; I've been surprised a few times before, lol.

KillerZ 18-02-22 02:55

It's funny I've never noticed it before, but when I started my Chronicles playthough this year, I noticed how Lara calls him Mr. Larson in Rome's intro video. Isn't Mr. used before the last name. The clue was right before our eyes the whole time.

SamCactus101 23-03-22 04:39

Yeah, I agree with those who say Larson sounds more like a last name haha. It feels so.... "surname-y" lol

dg1995 24-03-22 21:58

Is it actually canon that a horse hit Larson in the head ?

LateRaider 25-03-22 03:25


Originally Posted by dg1995 (Post 8348246)
Is it actually canon that a horse hit Larson in the head ?

How is that relevant to my thread? :)

dg1995 25-03-22 09:04


Originally Posted by LateRaider (Post 8348273)
How is that relevant to my thread? :)

Since this is the most active Larson thread I thought I ask it here.:p

.snake. 27-03-22 14:35


Originally Posted by dg1995 (Post 8348246)
Is it actually canon that a horse hit Larson in the head ?

Of course it's canon. Larson indirectly confirms it. What type of question is that?

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