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ANoDE 04-01-22 14:40

PS5 Graphical Glitch

Has anyone fogured out how to get rid of the gray stripes sometimes popping in in the PS5 version of the game? It seems to be some kind of broken fog / depth of field effect.

The game plays fine otherwise, but those stripes make it really hard to see stuff in certain locations.

GFY2013 04-01-22 18:21

Has the game received any PS5-exclusive patch? If no, I don't think that can be solved. TLOU Remastered also suffers many graphical glitches on the PS5, and there's just no updates to fix that either. (The last time I've seen anyway)

ANoDE 04-01-22 18:37

No, unfortunately there's been no explicit PS5 patch. I was just hoping there was a way of configuring the console to circumvent or minimise the glitches.

_Seth 06-01-22 09:39

Just tested this out and have the same problem.

Shame on Sony for their abhorrent backwards compatibility. Honestly, the whole PS5 UI is terrible and unrefined.

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