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lanyer 04-10-22 13:50

can you configure a git-auto-commit Action ?In this way, the latest commit can be automatically compiled on github and the exe file can be obtained. I would love to experience the new modified functionality, but don't know how to compile it.

Woops 17-10-22 18:33

The day is finally here ;)

tomb4 V2.0.0 is finally out!
[URL=""]grab it here![/URL]

as you can see, only one package this time :)
Feel free to delete the old tomb4.dll, it is no longer needed!

[URL=""]changelog[/URL] details everything in this release, but hightlights include[LIST][*]The new exe!! no more dll.[*]Reverb.[*]Use floats for much smoother drawing/animations.[*]Several bug fixes, including the binocs/pause deadlock, FMV playback fail after KV5.[*]and much more! all details in the changelog.[/LIST]
[URL=""]Here is the updated usage guide[/URL]

As always, enjoy!

Note: [URL=""]Reverb presets are from Caesum[/URL]

SLAYER 17-10-22 22:38

Another fine release, thanks!

While I'm sure it's nothing, Windows defender does not like the file and quarantines it automatically after downloading.

Kirishima 17-10-22 22:53

Just did a quick test run and found Lara's knee joints to have broken like in the Dreamcast version. I need to check a previous version to see if it was already like that.

EDIT: Her knees were fine in the older build.

Vitin_96 18-10-22 00:40

The reverb effect is cool, it really increases the immersion.
I just noticed a bug while testing the new release. In the City of the Dead, you canīt free the ice spirit from the pendulum puzzle. I don't know if it was already in the older build?

Kirishima 18-10-22 01:34

Pendulum puzzle works for me, in both this and the previous versions.

Vitin_96 18-10-22 02:06

[QUOTE=Kirishima;8378380]Pendulum puzzle works for me, in both this and the previous versions.[/QUOTE]

Nevermind. I tried again and it worked. For some reason, the first time I tested with a grenade launcher it didn't blow up the pendulum.

TRJTA 18-10-22 07:07

The work done here is amazing! Would it be any chance be possible to include HD fonts in a future release?

Nuke 18-10-22 16:03

Amazing update thank you so much!

I noticed a bug in The Lost Library level when you have to shoot that thing with crossbow + laser sight to open a door for a secret after you fight with Horseman, the door won't open no matter what.

I also noticed that when shooting using pistols audio sometimes is distorted, with cracking.

sackboy123 18-10-22 22:26

Haven't got around to trying this yet, have you imported the Holster bug fix into this? Or is it at least compatible with patched Tomb4 exes

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