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.snake. 28-03-22 21:52

1920 x 1440

Woops 28-03-22 22:34

Fixed it now, will be in next release :)

.snake. 29-03-22 09:52

Thank you!! :)

ToMbRaIdErxFtW 30-03-22 01:12

Awesome update, great work as always!

Would it be possible to add an option to mimic the Sega Dreamcasts fog effects? in a lot of places, the fog on the Dreamcast's version is more brown and dusty looking and it seems a lot more appropriate in general. I think an option could be added to switch between vanilla PC and Dreamcast fog. Speaking of Dreamcast features, maybe a full body shadow option could be implemented.

I also noticed that the PSX bar option doesn't put the bars in the same place as tomb5. They are more to the left. Maybe you could make them more consistent with tomb5? Also maybe the loading bar could be made thinner and less wide to be more like the TR5 loading bar? I also think that an option to add the TR5 camera style would be a nice addition too. And maybe an option to replace the PSX memory cards with floppy disks, like in TR5.

Other than those few things, I'd really love to see full Xinput controller support with button prompts like TR2Main, and also an option to replace the current low res font with a higher resolution font. There is a mod available on the CoreDesign website that only works with Peixoto's patch, but I can't link it or my post will be removed again. Maybe a way to use that font without using Peixoto's patch could be implemented?

Woops 30-03-22 03:16

hi, fog color can be changed surely :]
Dreamcast shadows are not possible at the current stage, and possibly ever. they would require a massive overhaul of the renderer if we want to do actual shadows, which isn't gonna happen any time soon, if ever
Dreamcast does the shadows in a very cheap way, you can see it lacks joints, and is actually a slightly modified TR1 Lara model.
so, dreamcast shadows are out of the question, for the time being.
PSX bars are meant to be in line with the PSX version, not tomb5. tomb5 is getting an update that moves them a little to the left, too, like PSX.
I'll look into having the thin loading bar, but it's not guaranteed.
TR5 camera is definitely coming
"PSX memory cards with floppy disks" is not possible as the objects are not present in the level files
Xinput controller support [B]may[/B] happen, but button prompts won't.
font editing isn't possible at the moment either. everything about the font is strictly hardcoded.

also there will be a slow down on big new features for the time being, we want to focus on decompiling and bug fixing before rushing anything :)

LateRaider 30-03-22 03:34

all i'm waiting for is the ammo counter 🥺 everything else is amazing extras

.snake. 30-03-22 14:07

Not sure if this counts as a bug or a "big feature" but it's another request...

In the level Inside the Great Pyramid, after Lara places all 4 star shaft keys to activate the 4 blue light beams, there is an explosion effect that happens. After triggering this, if you save and reload through the rest of the level, the explosion effect always happens again and again. This is even common in TRLE levels that use this effect. I was just wondering if it is possible to fix this in any way so it doesn't keep repeating?

Teeth 30-03-22 21:18

[QUOTE=Woops;8348828]Dreamcast does the shadows in a very cheap way, you can see it lacks joints, and is actually a slightly modified TR1 Lara model.[/QUOTE]

Oh my god I've just looked at footage on YouTube and now I can't unsee this, the magic is ruined! :eek:

Has anyone been able to rip this model? I'm really curious now :D

.snake. 30-03-22 22:21

I think I just encountered a bug:

In Hypostyle Hall, after aligning the 3 obelisk switches, Lara refuses to pull the chain. She just says "No". I've double checked a few times to make sure the obelisks are in the correct position, and saved and reloaded, and she still just says "No"...

Vitin_96 31-03-22 00:39

Hey, Troye! One thing that I noticed while messing around with the 1.0 exe that comes with the disc version, is that a lot of the weapons and some items have a really cool shinning effect applied over them.

Here's a comparison with the later pc builds:

Also, in the ps1 version, in the Cairo levels, a sound similar to the revolver shot can be always heard just before swarm of Locusts appears, indicating that it spawned.
Around 6:48:41 and 6:42:17

Do you think these features could be restored?

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