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ktc24 04-09-19 23:43

Black screens?

I installed steam TR1 to laptop and patched it using the ati patch.
I have already patched the same version on my PC and it worked perfectly.

However, on laptop some peculiar stuff happened:

FMVs are black but audio works fine. Ingame cutscenes (like Larson at the end of Qualopec) work fine. The Eidos screen while opening the game is black as well and the cutscene but same, with no sound.

Also, at the level end, the statistics screen is black but the stats are visible, instead of the normal screen you get when you end the level.

The main menu screen is also black but passport, glasses, walkman, photo are there and the descriptions underneath them are there as well. The inventory background is black as well.

Lastly, the cutscene at the end of Atlantis is skippable with inventory opening which isn't normally the case.

I used the exact same procedure I used on my pc and I retried it 2-3 times by uninstalling, reinstalling and repatching.

Do you have any ideas what might be wrong?

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