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kevindatsun 05-02-12 05:17

more screenshots of level 2 ,
i only post Screenshots of level 2 because level 1 is already shown in the trailer




afzalmiah 05-02-12 17:15


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 5955250)
How? :D
It would really help kevindatsun if you could give some pointers about it. :D

Oh no I didn't see this post, sorry! :o
Well in the trailer the outside areas need a bit better lighting. You should add a sun bulb if you haven't already and add a few shadow bulbs around corners. Hope this helps and your screens look nice. :)

FloTheMachine 05-02-12 18:01


Originally Posted by kevindatsun (Post 5957225)


Those pistols look really cool. D:
The lava looks a bit dodgy though. Maybe make it a water room or something?

afzalmiah 05-02-12 18:32

Or maybe make it water but you die or is that what you meant?

FloTheMachine 05-02-12 18:40

Yeah. :p

afzalmiah 05-02-12 18:43

Oh :o then never mind :D

kevindatsun 06-02-12 05:28

So you mean i have to make lava that will make lara sink a little? So does that mean stacking rooms??

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