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egypt_gypsie 08-05-14 02:13

Does anyone have any tips on creating an outdoor Egyptian ruin, kind of like Karnak? I have thought about planning the whole thing out first, then building it. That might work better than just building as I go.

Boobandie 08-05-14 03:02


Originally Posted by egypt_gypsie (Post 7056584)
Does anyone have any tips on creating an outdoor Egyptian ruin, kind of like Karnak? I have thought about planning the whole thing out first, then building it. That might work better than just building as I go.

You should do some research into actual egyptian ruin layout, what the buildings look like and such, then plot out yours on grid paper. When building ruins I go for "Reality above, fantasy beneath." Meaning that they should resemble real architecture and layouts on the surface, but what's beneath them can be ANYTHING.

This website has some good info about Egyptian architecture.


"Egyptian temples feature vast internal chambers supported by massive columns, as well as courtyards."

Next, don't be afraid to build BIG, these places are massive, and I mean REALLY massive.


So start building with basic grid textures to get a nice layout of the temple then switch to egypt textures. Texture everything perfectly at first, make it like it would have been when the place was built. Then when that's done start to roughen it up, the place has been there for thousands of years. Break bits of the ceiling off, put rubble on the ground, mess up the floor tiles. Now onto limitations, you can't let lara just run out into the desert. So make some natural boundries, collapse some entrances, bury others with sand, make pointless rooms that you can't enter because rubble is in the way but you can juuuust peek through a gap. Other entrances that you may start in can have steep sand like the beginning of karnak, or low rocky walls. Use your imagination.

Then onto interesting stuff, say the temple has steps leading down to lower areas, say that's beneath the water table? Split the rooms horizontally and partially flood them. The temple is untouched and out in the desert? It's likely to be at least half buried in sand, raise the floor and smooth it out, don't be afraid to go wild as you can always go back to a previous save. Think of the brute force of nature and what it would do to a place like that, topple some columns, destroy some walls etc.

That's all i can really think of.

egypt_gypsie 08-05-14 03:12

I saw that picture when searching around for reference pictures. I am building the exterior of Hamunaptra at the moment. I just wish that there was an actual map of the city. I like to think that the Mummy set designers have a set map of the city somewhere...I would like to get my hands on it. Watching the movie is an OK reference, but I just wish there was something more...concrete.

The area where you start this level is actually a sort of hole in the desert, kind of like the remnants of an older part of the city under the normal city above.

I think I might create a sandbox of sorts. Like the picture you first posted, with the wall surrounding the structures. Just make a bunch of rooms, and have a wall going around the entire area, and use that as my template. Then build inside of that.

Boobandie 08-05-14 03:16

Hmm well it was a completely fictional location, so you don't need to be too precise. The set designers basically just shoved a bunch of columns and low walls into the desert and started filming.

egypt_gypsie 20-10-14 05:57

Just wanted to give an update on this really quick. The project is still ongoing, as I said, I made a promise to myself to finish it, even if it takes years. School kind of got in the way for awhile, but I am always sketching and brainstorming ideas. =]

Keep an eye out for new screens/things closer to Christmas!

peeves 20-10-14 11:44

I'm looking forward to this custom level. Those screenshots look flawless.

egypt_gypsie 29-10-19 20:38

I hate to bump this, because this is not a progress update.


I figured I would explain why there isn't a progress update.

I never actually did the tutorial level. Yeah, I know, shoulda. But I didn't. So I just hit the ground running and learned as I went (like I do most things).
Doing tutorials is just tedious and boring to me.

Well, I excel in two areas (and I hesitate to even use the word excel):

Building inside structures and lighting.

Aaaaand that is where my talents seem to halt. Not only am I not good at creating gameplay, I don't necessarily like creating gameplay. It makes me stop building scenery and geometry, which is what I DO like.

I also can't seem to grasp the script and all of the technical stuff that makes a game worth playing. There is SO much I want to do with this level set that I don't actually know how to do (or if it is even possible for that matter), and I don't have the motivation to learn it (at the moment). The editor also isn't the most intuitive or reliable piece of software I have ever used, which frustrates me.

One other thing that I find extremely difficult to do is build natural outside geometry. Mountains, rocky structures, etc. For whatever reason, especially if the rocky structure extends from one room to another, ESPECIALLY if that second room is above or below the first room, my brain just turns into mush. And this level set would require a lot of that.

Soooo, in conclusion, I don't want to call this level set definitively canceled, because sometimes I get a weird stroke of motivation on things and start working on them again, but I also want to be realistic.

The only way I would probably actually finish this to the vision that I had for it was if I had a co builder or like someone who could do everything that I can't do or don't know how to do.

I don't want to call myself lazy...it is just that I have so much going on besides this that I find it hard to devote the energy needed to it. (I have been working on it like...very seldom when I suddenly have a new idea for a room or something.)

If it comes to it, I would be willing to pass it on to someone else. I have a fair amount built, and I have a fair amount planned and conceptualized, so if someone else wants to finish it (or at least do something with it), then I would be all for that.

Anyway, I just wanted to say something about this to the people that seemed excited or interested in it.


EDIT: Also, since it appears that all of my screens have been scrubbed (shakes finger at Photobucket), I have most of them collected here:


AgentXP 29-10-19 23:28

I really like your Egyptian inside screens, the lighting is very cool :)

I totally understand what you mean about not enjoying the gameplay side of things as much as creating rooms and lighting. TR1 levels were mostly inside, exploration type gameplay with simple traps and puzzles, so maybe you could concentrate on making something on those lines? Not everything has to be complicated puzzles to be enjoyable :)

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