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egypt_gypsie 13-05-13 23:07

Tomb Raider: The Legend of Anubis

[working title]

- Yes, I realize that this may be a little early for a thread, but I feel like I have the game fleshed out enough, and enough to show. :o
- I also realize that I do not have any credits in this thread, but don't worry, I will have a very long read-me in which I will credit everyone that needs to be credited. The most prominent credit I have to give at the moment (based on the screens I have in the thread) is Teme, for his beautiful plants.


The Bracelet of Anubis has been recovered from the Ahm Shere Oasis, and is now residing in the British Museum. Lara takes a trip to London in an attempt to steal the bracelet for herself, but finds that others are closely guarding it. They bring her to a city that she previously only thought was a myth - Hamunaptra. Upon escaping the city, she travels back to London to take back what was stolen from her. Infiltrating the home of her assailants, whom she learns are the descendants of the O'Connells, she acquires the bracelet, and brings it back to her treasure room. Upon closer inspection, she reads an inscription on the inside of the bracelet, and learns of a hidden temple in Ahm Shere, and she thinks it may hold the treasure of Anubis. Once there, she discovers that the treasure is not what she thought.

[Extra Notes]
- The game will feature numerous easter eggs from the Mummy movies.
- The game will have a TR 1 style atmosphere.
- I am in need of someone who can help me script, sort of like a partner purely for scripting. If anyone is interested, PM me.


Part I: British Museum (0%)

- The Sewers [Under the Museum] 30%

- Museum Basement

- The Museum Floor

Part II: Hamunaptra (10%)

- Temple of Elements 50%

[ Puzzle Sub-Levels ]

- Tomb of Light [Ra] 40%
- Tomb of Fire [Sedjet]
- Tomb of Poison [Ahew] 50%
- Tomb of Water [Mew] 30%
- Tomb of Stone [Ta]

- The Maze 70%

- Temple of Blood 10%

- Ihmotep's Tomb

- The Desert

Part III: Back to London (0%)

- London Streets

- The O'Connell House

Part IV: Croft Manor (0%)

- Grounds

- Manor

Part V: Desert of Ahm Shere (0%)

- Oasis/Jungle (will feature many side/optional temples)

- Pyramid of Ahm Shere

Part VI: Not Yet Revealed (0%)


[Some screens are still works in progress]

Part I: British Museum (Sewer, Basement, Museum Floor) (0%)


Part II: Hamunaptra (10%)










Part III: Back to London (0%)

Part IV: Croft Manor (0%)

Part V: Desert of Ahm Shere (0%)

Part VI: Not Yet Revealed (0%)

Tulilintu 13-05-13 23:50

Looking very good! :tmb:

I love braidless TR1 Lara. :D

God Horus 14-05-13 00:32

Ooh, love it! The lighting is so good and atmospheric. Just make sure the lighting of objects matches the color of the room!! :D

Mytly 14-05-13 21:05

Very nice. :tmb: The colours are a bit strong for my personal taste, but if that's the look you like, then why not? That said, I do the the red and green contrast in this screenshot. :)

egypt_gypsie 15-05-13 01:13

Thanks =] I just like playing with light a lot (particularly underwater). Usually end up with colorful setups.

I kinda wish there was a global brightness feature. Just change the entire room to be darker, without having to change the ambient lighting.

egypt_gypsie 24-08-13 04:55

Two new screenshots:



Nothing too huge.


SrDanielPonces 24-08-13 13:10

Great ! Looking foward to it ...

Andes 24-08-13 13:12

Love the colours :) I've been dipping an exploratory toe into level editing and tend to go for a colourful approach, but end up lookin like an explosion in a paint factory. Yours do not!

The Tomb Of Pain? Sounds promising, hehe. Aren't they all? :D

rufierto 24-08-13 15:37

Nice pics!!!:jmp:

TR FAN 18 24-08-13 15:50

I'm loving the TR1 style graphics in the screens! :D

Titak 24-08-13 16:20

Good to see you are still working on this.
The screens look good. :tmb:

I especially like the contrast of the oranges with the blues in the second one.

egypt_gypsie 25-08-13 04:44

Thanks guys =]

I am kind of trying to build the base skeleton of all of the levels first (just the most basic texturing/lighting/object placement that I can without it looking unfinished), and then I will go back through and add/polish. A lot.

One of my biggest areas to work on is making transition textures. I thank my lucky stars that I have a lot of experience with Photoshop.

KurtisandLara 25-08-13 15:05

Im really wanting to play this, screenshots look good but its the outfit thats drawing me to it.
First Custom level i ever played before even knowing anything about TRLE was Andreas' Sword Part1 and to this day its extremely iconic to me :vlol:. Its the level that got me into Level Building. :)
This seems like a big project so if you can handle it Kudo's to you! I will be over here waiting anxiously :)!

teme9 27-08-13 07:06

I like your style using the old textures with strong vivid lightning! :) Keep up the good work :jmp:

TheTiger 27-08-13 18:22

Forgot to reply on this the other day.

I love the dark room with many torches. :eek: I can somehow imagine a very high hallway there filled with those torches.

Vinkula 05-09-13 14:28

This actually looks very interesting :) Project still going?

Titak 05-09-13 16:08

The latest screenshots were posted not even a month ago.
So... yes, project still going I'd say. :D

jarekhanzelka 05-09-13 16:15

I'm in love with the colors. Definitely on my wishlist now. :tmb:

Vinkula 05-09-13 20:56


Originally Posted by Titak (Post 6897436)
The latest screenshots were posted not even a month ago.
So... yes, project still going I'd say. :D

I certainly hope so, not many TRLE levels get my attention, but this has, so I seriously wait for this one!


Originally Posted by jarekhanzelka (Post 6897443)
I'm in love with the colors. Definitely on my wishlist now. :tmb:

Indeed, the colours are beautiful!

ajrich17901 06-09-13 05:30

Those colors are flipping amazing O.O adds so much to the atmosphere. Highly looking forward to playing this when it's done, glad some people prefer to bring out the old school style still. :yah:

Baratheon 07-09-13 00:17

I wish I was as confident with colours. Visually beautiful work so far; itís stunning.

egypt_gypsie 08-09-13 04:30

I absolutely plan to finish this. I refuse to cancel for any reason. So don't worry about that =]

And thanks, for some reason I just do not like dull lighting. It looks...unfinished to me....

Niveus 08-09-13 18:43

Your lighting is definitely anything but dull. :D It is nice to see such bold colour choices. Reminds me of when Core first started using colour lighting in TR3. There are some beautiful areas in that game, especially levels like Temple Ruins, Aldwych and High Security Compound. Your work is very evocative of that.

egypt_gypsie 09-09-13 06:11


I just remembered that TR3 used a lot of color. Makes me wonder what TR1 would like if someone just added colored lighting...And I love that my game (the lighting style anyways) reminds you of TR3.

Two new screens =]



I know it seems like I am showing a lot, but since this is the level of the game that I am focusing the most attention on right now, I am kind of considering it my demo level for now, and therefore don't see much problem in showing more than other levels. (There might be at most three or four screens for other levels).

ajrich17901 09-09-13 16:01


Originally Posted by egypt_gypsie (Post 6899381)
I absolutely plan to finish this. I refuse to cancel for any reason. So don't worry about that =]

And thanks, for some reason I just do not like dull lighting. It looks...unfinished to me....

Yeah your lighting is anything but dull, this is exactly how I remember playing the games back in the days. The color and lighting adds so much atmosphere to your levels I'm in awe lol

AgentXP 09-09-13 16:18

I'm a huge fan of coloured lighting used in the right way, and you really have the aptitude to use it well. Loving what I see! :jmp:

Vinkula 09-09-13 16:36

Thank you for the update! I love the lightning aswell as the colours and the room looks fantastic!

Underhoe 09-09-13 16:40

The colours are absolutely spot on! What a beautiful work.

egypt_gypsie 12-09-13 04:17

Thanks for the lovely comments =]

Wanted to share an update to a room that I already posted a screenshot of:


I just changed the lighting. Thought that the original was a bit too blue....


Vinkula 14-09-13 10:27

Both screens look awesome! Can't wait :P

TheTiger 14-09-13 11:32

I prefer the first one, has this moonlight reflection feeling of a bright midnight sky. Is there a hole in the ceiling? :D

egypt_gypsie 16-09-13 02:39

No actually. Well, there is a hole in the ceiling, but it doesn't open up to outside. :)

egypt_gypsie 12-11-13 02:42

Another quick screen. =]


larafan25 12-11-13 02:47

Yay platforming! :D Looks really nice, the colours are nice. A Crocodile would totally suit that pool.

lance6439 12-11-13 02:48

This is perfect.

egypt_gypsie 12-11-13 05:40

Thanks =]

@Larafan25: I like that idea, but the theme of this level probably wouldn't allow the crocodile to survive in there for very long. =]

Another couple screens. (I am in a screen sharing mood. Lol.)

This one is a teaser from the Sewer level. (The first area you will be in when you start playing.)


And here is another shot of Hamunaptra.


raiderromero 12-11-13 14:43

looks really good

Titak 12-11-13 15:06

Looking very good indeed! :tmb:

In the last screen, one can clearly see a line between the green leaves tiles.
It kind of ruins the natural look of the texture.
Perhaps it can be edited so it will be more seamless? :)

I really like the lighting you have going on. :D

skylark1121 12-11-13 15:52

I really love the style of these screens. :D

egypt_gypsie 12-11-13 16:17

@Titak: Yeah, I do plan on going through and doing a texture edit as one of the main stages of building. It will probably be one of the last things I do. For now, mostly everything is there as placeholder. (Not that the environments will change drastically). I just want a finished template before I go into deep editing, like lighting tweaks and texture polishing. I plan on doing a lot of texture detailing and things like that.

Stuff like algae on the water surface etc.

I plan on putting a lot of detail everywhere in the game. =]

I also like the lighting. I am trying to go for a similar feel to TR1's Lost Valley, with the almost eerily bright/tropical nighttime lighting. As for the sewer, I am mostly basing it off of what the Cistern would have looked if it had proper lighting. =]

Actually, would anyone be interested in making a HD texture set for those grass textures? And possibly expand the transitions that go with it? I think it only has like 3.

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