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kacpy 26-05-17 06:55


Originally Posted by kickstarter

If we are fortunate enough to exceed our initial target, we plan to put the additional funding back into the project. There are a number of things we would like to do if this happens:
(...)Remaster and release the original, unchanged game soundtracks for Tomb Raider I, II and III

Seeing the one thing I wanted behind a magical stretch goal made me frustrated.

I wish luck with this campaign to everyone interested in the orchestral recordings.

As I'm not one of them, I'll show myself out of this thread.

Daft Raider 26-05-17 08:21

Wow, that goal seems like a lot, I hope we reach it. I'll be contributing in the next few weeks.

Also, I'm not trying to complain or seem rude, but that cover art is a tad boring. Honestly, we could've had someone from the community submit something a bit more interesting, we all know there's a lot of talented people here that could design something incredible.

Zebra 26-05-17 08:45

It's been up for less than half a day and we're already at more than 15k pounds. Now, of course, not every day will make as much as the first one but it won't have to to reach the goal seeing as, to get to 160k in 30 days, the campaign would have to make a bit more than 5k per day on average (which today, we've obviously already surpassed and then some) so I feel like the campaign is well on its way so far.

EDIT: Already at 16k now.

Brendanlovesu1 26-05-17 10:46

I get paid next week so hopefully will contribute something, quite like the "Flare" package,

I also agree with the post above regarding cover art - it is a bit bland and isn't jumping off the page but I am sure I will appreciate it as time goes on and am a bit confused about the remaster, Originally I thought the suite was going to be the orchestral recordings on one disc and the remastered released on another disc :confused:

Looking forward to seeing how much is raised, currently at 17,000 in less than 24 hours is a good start but i'm worried the momentum might slip

Zebra 26-05-17 11:04

And we're at 18k. Wouldn't be surprised if it got to 25k today.

Alex Fly 26-05-17 11:09

I haven't seen the direct link to the Kickstarter page posted here so I'm adding it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...b-raider-suite


Originally Posted by larafan25 (Post 7745948)
Are we allowed to pay at multiple times? Or do we only get one chance?

You have till June 25 2017 01:00 CEST to back on it. You can change the amount of your pledge whenever you want (or remove it) until the end date.


Originally Posted by TombRaiderLover (Post 7745951)
Pledged 45 (plus 5 postage). I need that tin in my life. I'm a little confused, though, as I was asked to input my card details but not my address?

It will be requested much later if the goal is reached and when they'll be ready or almost ready to dispatch stuff.


Originally Posted by Zebra (Post 7745970)
EDIT: Wait, you cannot use PayPal on Kickstarter!? What kind of BS is that? Great, I can't back this :(. Nathan hasn't by any chance made a separate funding site for PayPal backers or sth?

Nope unfortunately you can't pay via PayPal on Kickstarter.
What happens most of the time here is that once the goal is reached and the Kickstarter ended sometimes a possibility to pay via PayPal is added. I've seen some successful Kickstarters continuing with PayPal so maybe that what will happen here. But feel free to ask Nathan as he always replies.


Originally Posted by Daft Raider (Post 7746013)
Also, I'm not trying to complain or seem rude, but that cover art is a tad boring. Honestly, we could've had someone from the community submit something a bit more interesting, we all know there's a lot of talented people here that could design something incredible.

Honestly I agree with you. I was very surprised to discover the design of the Jewel case (assuming you're refering to this one of course). It looks very amateurish. I'm not a big collector when it comes to video games in general, I only wanted the soundtracks on an album but it looks so meh to me that I decided to go for the Limited Edition Deluxe which looks simple but effective.

I may add that if the Kickstarter goal isn't reached I'd be very surprised as there's quite a big community and a lot of Tomb Raider fans collecting absolutely everything related to Tomb Raider. To me if this is not funded this would simply means it wasn't well advertised and that's it. But I don't worry the goal will be reached I'm quite sure of it to be honest. :tmb:

irishhips 26-05-17 11:26

Wish I donate but I have no way on paying online plus I don't trust the web with my card. :(

I seen the highest pledge is 7500...I wonder who gonna donate that much. :ponder:

CheshireBitch 26-05-17 11:39

I agree about the Jewel Case cover ! It's a really weird cover. It's kinda okay but honestly the concert posters (especially the blue one) looked so beautiful that it's a bit weird to get a cover like this for the jewel case. At least they could have re-use the poster cover for it.

Anyway, I choose the limited edition so it's not a big deal for me. The limited edition looks simple but really great ! Can't wait to get it and to listen to all this awesome music !

ESCachuli 26-05-17 12:15

I hope I get some money soon, I want to colaborate in this real bad.
It's a good thing I'm getting employed either today or next week :P

Hazelphoenix 26-05-17 12:22

For those who are unable to make a pledge due to payment methods' limitations, this is what Nathan wrote on his FB profile in response to a few people having issues with kickstarter:


We are looking into setting up something on our website. Might take us a few days but should 've implemented soon. Will keep you posted.

I must be odd but I prefer the jewel case by a long shot, though I agree that both designs look slightly uninspired :o Not a fan of the metal case anyway, so I'll go with the vanilla version (if Nathan manages to solve the problem).

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