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gamergeeksuk 23-01-20 19:16

TR AOD issues :hea:
Hi all :)

This is my first post so just thought I'd ask a question that has bugged me for ages.

I've completed all other TR games (many times...:D) and love playing TRLE levels!, but have yet too 100% AOD.

I have started of well then due to the glitches and other bug throughout the game have gotten fed up and never stuck with it.

Is it worth sticking it out to the end? How long would you say it take too complete the game?

Cheers all! :)

Tomb Raidering 23-01-20 19:22

If you master the controls, you could finish the game in a day or two. But without mastering it, idk. A week? :p

It’s really worth it. If you love Classic Lara,
you need to see how she literally left us... >.<

Quebsenuef 23-01-20 20:27

Do you play on PC or PS2?
If you play on PC there are tons of patches and fixes that fans have made to make the game nearly perfect. You can try those! :D

If you play on PS2, youíll just have to deal with the controls and minor bugs here and there. Iíve only ever played my PS2 copy of the game and it plays very well. The controls just need a little getting used to. Stick with it and itíll all get a little easier! :D

gamergeeksuk 23-01-20 20:59

Originally played on PS2, but gonna play it on PC this time around :)

Amazing! Cheers guys! :D Happy Raiding! :pi:

OrangeJuice 24-01-20 08:27

it's worth playing through this game for its style and perfect atmosphere building alone. i also happen to find it fun to play but maybe that's just me being sick.

you do have to keep in mind that it is not a finished product, though - that'll help you excuse some of the bugs and incomplete levels/plot ramifications.

i'd say it doesn't last longer than a day or two but that really depends on you.

Maverin 24-01-20 10:35

AOD is far from the perfect game. But on this forum it got a surprisingly big and dedicated fanbase.

If you have a bit of reading patience I'd refer you to my guide how to get the most out of the game here: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=220813

I haven't updated that guide for about a year, but I guess almost all patches still work as they should and most links redirect to the developers original post, meaning that the links redirect to the most updated posts anyway

[unless the programmers didn't update their original post].

Samz 24-01-20 12:37

If you're gonna play AOD, here's how to get dual pistols if you want them.. (Since they're normally inaccessible.)


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