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kabal 06-02-20 00:31

Savegame is too big to fit in buffer
Hi. I have a problem. When I tried to save in a Tomb Raider 2 custom level I created, I got this error.

"FATAL: Savegame is too big to fit in buffer"

Is there any way to fix it?

SSJ6Wolf 06-02-20 01:43

Based on a tomb editor message I’ve seen at one point, there may be too many movable objects in your game. Maybe you could try reducing those?

kabal 06-02-20 05:31

Okay, I removed a bunch of enemies I had placed in an area and that fixed it. Thanks!

DaroRaider 06-02-20 21:19

kabal 08-02-20 19:41


Originally Posted by DaroRaider (Post 8170862)

You know it :brofist::cool:

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