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Peep Show 13-03-13 21:42

Finally some DLC on PSN (europe), sadly not the pre-order outfits though.

These multiplayer characters:




trfanX34 13-03-13 21:47

How much are they? The Scout looks cool.

PlasteredF 13-03-13 21:48

[QUOTE=SpyrosMonster;6702874]I hate CD for putting so many achievements on multiplayer...
Multiplayer is kinda messy but kinda fun too.[/QUOTE]
Tell me about it... Getting level 60 online 4 times to unlock all characters, thats just crazy.

Peep Show 13-03-13 21:48

OMG wait I just saw that they're free! ahsjsdbd THANK YOU CD. :jmp:

CBS_TombRaider 13-03-13 21:54

[QUOTE=LNSNHGTDS;6702987]I have a question I wanted to ask, can the comic that was included as a pre-order bonus (I think) be read somewhere online?

If not, can someone who has it posts a synopsis of the comic, or if people are afraid of spoilers PM it to me?

Thanks :) .[/QUOTE]

I'd like to know this too plz. Apparently it gives more information on the side-characters, who I've grown to love very much :o

jhs270694 13-03-13 22:02

The Trinity organisation are a really interesting bunch.. hmm.. Roanoke Colony. How are they linked? :D

TRLegendLuver 13-03-13 22:34

[QUOTE=Kuled;6702902]Wish we could have used that sword from the storm guard that committed Seppuku.[/QUOTE]

Thank you, somebody said it. I was hoping for the same.

Kuled 13-03-13 23:13

[QUOTE=TRLegendLuver;6703054]Thank you, somebody said it. I was hoping for the same.[/QUOTE]

I mean come on, Lara mentions it in detail that it is still sharp and actually tries to put it on her, I thought we got a new bad ass weapon to go along with the pistol. Kind of disappointed with that.

TippingWater 13-03-13 23:45

The Russian's guy voice in the German version is so much more believable :o.

SEN1138 13-03-13 23:46

[QUOTE=TippingWater;6703188]The Russian's guy voice in the German version is so much more believable :o.[/QUOTE]

It's believable (to a degree) in the English version.

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