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James_Rutland 05-04-13 02:30

[QUOTE=TRBeth;6738259]How about Amanda? LOL[/QUOTE]

Natla, Amanda, Sophia Leigh, Boaz, and Doppelganger are all I can think of.

EDIT: Oh regular enemies... No I can't think of any either :p

TRItheMaster 05-04-13 02:42

[QUOTE=Rai;6738114]Apart from main 'boss' enemies, like Natla or Sophia Leigh, as you mention, I think not. A bit odd that really, if you think about it. It would be nice to see some female non boss enemies in the mix. The closest I can think of which counts, I guess is the hag in Chronicles. Maybe Lara can come across a cult of [b]female warriors[/b] or something in a future game :p.[/QUOTE]

What? Some amazon warriors from Wonder Woman? :p :vlol:

italibabee 05-04-13 03:51

[CENTER][COLOR="Indigo"]What's up with that?
I don't think there are any regular female baddies in Uncharted either.

tomblover 05-04-13 03:53

Early builds of TRL had women mercs in them... :p

robm_2007 05-04-13 04:54

[QUOTE=TRItheMaster;6738284]What? Some amazon warriors from Wonder Woman? :p :vlol:[/QUOTE]

Or these freakishly tall women from Futurama. They would "snoo snoo" men to death :vlol:


MyRaider4Life 05-04-13 05:46



I love it so much.

trfanX34 05-04-13 05:47

^ I wouldn't want to find her in the middle of the night staring at me with that look in her eyes... :pi:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Wouldn't killing women feel weird though? Maybe even abusive to some. I know that I would feel a little bad headshooting them :p

I think that that's one reason why they don't add female enemies.

tiann 05-04-13 05:58

[QUOTE=MyRaider4Life;6738404][IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]


I love it so much.[/QUOTE]

Voodoo doll :D

Your friend is very talented though! :)

LNSNHGTDS 05-04-13 11:15

[QUOTE=trfanX34;6737805]If anyone is interested on hearing TR in Japanese, I just came across this video.

[CENTER][B]トゥームレイダー 日本語吹き替え版プレイ動画:寺院からの脱出[/B] [SIZE="1"][I](The title is some totally deep **** btw)[/I][/SIZE]


ftgeyjikfplkvjhwbgeyh THANKZ!!!

[QUOTE=Hyper_Crazy;6738099]Has there ever been female enemies in TR? I really can't think of any.
Regular enemies that is, not the big baddies like Natla.[/QUOTE]

The lions in the first one and Anni were female, lol :p !

Rai 05-04-13 11:26

[QUOTE=TRItheMaster;6738284]What? Some amazon warriors from Wonder Woman? :p :vlol:[/QUOTE]

Oh you! I dunno, it was 1.30 am when I made that post and I'm not to well either, so maybe my brain isn't up to thinking too much :p. Well we had the Solarii, a cult into sacrificing women in TR9, perhaps the tables would be turned in TR10 :mis:. Or maybe Lara could come across some medieval Scottish female warriors. I always found it odd there were no tribal women in the TR3 jungle, maybe Lara would have to fend off a female tribe in a jungle next time. This is Tomb Raider, it doesn't have to make real world sense :p.

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