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Drone 07-07-08 09:12

[QUOTE=Sir Croft;2835054]OMG


It's [B]Quake[/B]puss! :eek:[/QUOTE]

haha yes it's Quake 1 Pus :vlol:

kryptonite23 07-07-08 11:44

[QUOTE=KC Mraz;2841926][IMG]http://i31.************/346qhzn.jpg[/IMG]

Underpus is liking this "Internet" thing :D. After having his [URL=""]Myspace[/URL] and his [URL=""]Bebo[/URL], the Almighty Underpus broadcast himself and open his [URL=""]YouTube channel[/URL]! ;).[/QUOTE]

[I][B][COLOR="Blue"]LOL :vlol:[/COLOR][/B][/I]

tampi 07-07-08 16:37

Maybe Underpus is a female :confused:



St4r 07-07-08 17:17

Underpus fugit :D

Alex Fly 07-07-08 17:24

Ursula Underpus ! :yik: :vlol:

Lara Croft Fan Joe 07-07-08 18:50

Lets just say I got VERY bored.


kryptonite23 08-07-08 09:39

[B][I][COLOR="Blue"]/\ ROFL!! :vlol:[/COLOR][/I][/B]

ajrich17901 08-07-08 10:36

[QUOTE=Lara Croft Fan Joe;2842830]Lets just say I got VERY bored.


How u doin

tomkat 08-07-08 15:12



Ruediger 08-07-08 16:26




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