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kryptonite23 09-08-08 00:02

[U][I][COLOR="Blue"]omderpus!! :vlol:
Nice work :D[/COLOR][/I][/U]

Alex Fly 09-08-08 10:40

Lol, nice one Chris ! :tmb: :D

dcw123 09-08-08 16:36

Heres a little one from me:D Would make it bigger, but the quality is bad as it is so...
Alvin,Simon and Theodore have found a friend...;)

Alex Fly 09-08-08 16:38

Lol, cute ! :D

kryptonite23 10-08-08 11:24

[I][COLOR="Blue"]/\They look hungry :tmb:[/COLOR][/I]

Wicked 10-08-08 11:38

Nice work Rivendell XDDD
Omderpus... legendary!!! :p

MattTR 12-08-08 00:45

Brilliant work guys! Most of these beat the crap out of my Barny Baby Bop one! :D


dcw123 12-08-08 00:45

[QUOTE=kryptonite23;2947620][I][COLOR="Blue"]/\They look hungry :tmb:[/COLOR][/I][/QUOTE] For once, Theo's not liking the idea of eating:p

john_york 12-08-08 08:45

Undermammothpus - stalking the icy arctic underworlds.


kryptonite23 12-08-08 09:56

[QUOTE=dcw123;2952788] For once, Theo's not liking the idea of eating:p[/QUOTE]
LOL :vlol:

That also made me think :p[/COLOR][/I]

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