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Tonyrobinson 23-06-08 18:58

underpus served on plates... fresh![/QUOTE]


Danath 24-06-08 14:59

[quote=john_york;2803721]Service with a smile...


Hahahaha that is great made my day! :vlol: :vlol: PUS.....:vlol:

knightgames 24-06-08 16:58

[quote=silver_wolf;2798889]get A Hobby.[/quote]

??? Wtf ???

NightWish 24-06-08 17:14


:vlol: magnificent!

Explorer 24-06-08 17:20

Ah, that explains it :vlol:

Tihocan9 24-06-08 17:32

[B]Transformer[/B]:Underpus Prime

I couldn't resist joining in on the fun

Alex Fly 24-06-08 17:44

^ Great job ! :tmb:

KC Mraz 24-06-08 17:52

[quote=Tihocan9;2808717]I couldn't resist joining in on the fun[/quote]

No you coudn't. Everybody loves the Pus :) *suffers from 'Pus brainwashing*.

dinahcat 24-06-08 18:42


DUDE!!! Lara totally looks like scorched NATLA in this picture!

Encore 24-06-08 19:08

[QUOTE=Tihocan9;2808717][B]Transformer[/B]:Underpus Prime

That guy would totally kick Megatron's ass :whi:

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