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Cat Woman 05-11-19 17:35

Gold Reward
Not giving anything away, but in Kazakhstan Area - could not get the Gold Reward no matter how many times I tried in the Tesla gun section. I know how to do it, but could not manoeuvre an important piece into place. Anyone else have this issue? Finally gave up and proceeded to the exit.

JoelCaesar 05-11-19 18:10

I remember that section was a pain in the ass. I always found it easier to fire the electricity thing directly at the hook at the top. Rather than the platform.

Cat Woman 05-11-19 18:23

Believe me I tried, and tried, and tried every possible way and would not go into place- frustrating. :hea:

Heartache 06-11-19 11:58

afaik you have to put the platform as far left as possible. then pull it to the right and at the end of the way shoot at it to get it over

XXIIXX 06-11-19 13:02

I remember I hated this one as a kid!
I initially couldn't even figure out how to get there so I stuck those small metal boxes that you can pull out of the walls on top of each other next to the door that leads to the end of the level and managed to reach the platform that leads to the gold reward that way xD ! It definitely takes a lot more time than the "proper" way to get it but I can guarantee it works. Maybe you'll have better luck reaching it this way?

Cat Woman 06-11-19 17:48

Next time I replay the game, if the normal way (that I tried all scenarios believe me) doesn’t work I will definitely try your suggestion. It was frustrating trying over and over and over. Good suggestion for others just trying that area now. :)

Boobandie 07-11-19 00:30


Originally Posted by Heartache (Post 8149341)
afaik you have to out the platform at far left as possible. then pull it to the right and at the end of the way shoot at it to get it over

That's what I found to work. Use the 'pull' function to drag it quickly across from the far end, then a couple of blasts with the 'push' function to get it up that last little bit.

If you keep pressing 'pull' after it passes where Lara is, it will lose all momentum.

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