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andre_costa 13-06-18 20:34

Camilla is so beautiful. I had a crush on her a couple of years ago, actually. :cln:

spyrostr 13-06-18 20:34

Am i the only one who likes the trailer? :D

Yeauxleaux 13-06-18 20:34

The acting in this trailer is still overly hammy, I'm glad it seems to sound a lot better in the actual game.

Yeauxleaux 13-06-18 20:35

I thought Meagan was Camilla for a sec then haha

Sorry for double post.

andre_costa 13-06-18 20:36

I love this Q&A already

laracroftswest 13-06-18 20:37

This is really cool!

spyrostr 13-06-18 20:38

Ahh i love this

Yeauxleaux 13-06-18 20:38

She really does sound so much better, far less forced and over-acted. Still not exactly my idea of a perfect Lara voice, but I can enjoy this a lot more.

Also she looks stunning with that classic braid and white blouse

andre_costa 13-06-18 20:39

Wow... That was amazing!!! The emotion of Lara, it was so cute, so perfect.

Lyle Croft 13-06-18 20:51

Oh my god the Camilla and Earl stream :tea: she blocked out the TR2013 game from her mind haha

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