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JuditePrince12 24-07-21 23:36


Originally Posted by TombRaider_Ed (Post 8311616)
I think I said we're investing in the soundtrack, as in it's not just a cheap afterthought, but I wouldn't consider it expensive when you look at what a console game soundtrack would cost as ours is much shorter.

Also when you say "just" a mobile game I have to do my usual boring response :D - the mobile market is bigger than the console and PC market put together and as a result it's highly likely Reloaded will have more players than the console games. Doesn't mean it'll be successful of course (though we're working hard to make sure it has every chance!) but it means the effort that goes into each aspect of the game is still worthy of high investment.

Sorry when I say just I don't mean it to be disrespectful. I understand the mobile market has a larger audience but its sad to see such great things not in the media that we were asking for. I really like the fan service with Reloaded so far btw :)

Pacifc Fun 25-07-21 19:36

If you guys want to play it now, you need to get a VPN, restart the data in your appstore, set the VPN location to Thailand, go back to the newly reset appstore, search Tomb Raider Reloaded, and profit.

LateRaider 04-08-21 23:26

looks like there was another update but im not sure what revision it is


Mikky 07-08-21 06:52

That was really nice of them to give the Bomber Jacket outfit for "advanced players" for free. I was wondering how you get outfit pieces, but the outfit doesn't interest me that much so I honestly wasn't that bothered about it. Still, if the team are reading this: thanks!

Brendanlovesu1 07-08-21 11:39

What countries is this available in again?

UroshUchiha 07-08-21 11:52


Originally Posted by Brendanlovesu1 (Post 8314153)
What countries is this available in again?

Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Ireland and Sweeden

Brendanlovesu1 07-08-21 12:20

Thanks for letting me know :hug:

charmedangelin 15-08-21 01:20

Imo I feel like Relic Run is superior to Reloaded. After playing the game for months, I can confidently say that Relic Run is a lot more of an enjoyable experience compared to Reloaded. Now this is just my experience, your experience may vary, but this game is farrrrrrr too demanding of your time. You've got to fully commit to this in order to actually play and enjoy it.

Once you reach a certain point, and believe me that point ain't far, then your left just scrapping the bottom of the barrel for any kind of item to help you progress. It is very easy to get stuck on levels for months at a time while you chip away and make the smallest amount of progress possible. In other mobile games you can jump in for a few minutes, play a few levels and have a good time or a nice distraction.

With reloaded you can't just sit for a quick minute run. You won't make much progress at all unless your logging in every single day, playing for several hours a day in order to achieve small goals with very small rewards, for days on end before you can make any progress in a level. It is painful to play this game tbh, I understand the devs have to make money, but my god, are the daily tasks extremely demanding at times.

This game reminds me so much of the Skyrim mobile game, where players would have to commit so many hours, days, weeks, to make much if any progress if your not paying any money.

Yeah there are ways to get gems without paying, but my god is it tedious. And a lot of stuff you need to buy is verrrrrry expensive. And it's completely random too, like you can farm your ass off to get enough gems to try and buy decent gear, but the loot box you buy can range from really good gear, to completely useless crap. They throw weapons, backpacks, accessories all in one loot box that is entirely random.

So you can spend months working your ass to open one decent loot box that by chance may not even get you any decent gear at all.

I cannot stress how demanding this game really is. Relic Run wasn't near as demanding as Reloaded is. I've struggled with deleting the app on my phone because I really wanted to make progress and see what all the game has to offer, but I really can't deal with it anymore.

I've certainly passed on as much feedback as I can and hope the game will be fully fleshed out by release, but right now the game is just ridiculously grindy and way too time consuming and demanding for me to find Reloaded enjoyable.

LateRaider 15-08-21 06:45

ive just made it to the lost valley and those are my exact sentiments charm

LateRaider 23-08-21 12:59

so when a weekly dash reward refreshes, you lose your points, right?

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