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b.gluch 15-02-13 16:17

ohhhh :/ can you like sue that person :p

Lee1711 15-02-13 16:18

[QUOTE=FearEffect;6651803]That's mine :


I was not aware[/QUOTE]

to be fair, yours looks a lot better the way it is.

LarasFan 15-02-13 16:18

TBH, you should be angry, and proud... Wish any of my drawings would get stolen and get printed on a phone without my permission...

FearEffect 15-02-13 16:22

Yeah but ... he wants to make money with my drawing... :(

klona 15-02-13 16:26

[QUOTE=FearEffect;6651808]Yeah but ... he wants to make money with my drawing... :([/QUOTE]

Sue them.

LarasFan 15-02-13 16:28

[QUOTE=FearEffect;6651808]Yeah but ... he wants to make money with my drawing... :([/QUOTE]

Well, seeing that even if you sue 'em, it would cost more than of what you'd earn, just let them do their bitchy thing. At least try to communicate with them and try to find out how this happen.

Your signature!!! OMG!! :vlol: Can't stop laughing!

Spong 15-02-13 16:41

[QUOTE=FearEffect;6651803]That's mine :

I was not aware[/QUOTE]

That's what happens when you haphazardly post your images online. Kiss-Bite, another very talented artist we have amongst our ranks, had his worked nabbed as well.

[QUOTE=Tonyrobinson;6651802]But we are all still agreeing she should've shaved first, right? :pi:[/QUOTE]

To a degree, yes :pi:

Soul 15-02-13 17:03

@FearEffect: Where did you find this? o.0

FearEffect 15-02-13 17:17



Tonyrobinson 15-02-13 17:23

You should say something to them that's not fair at all! :(

I wonder how these cases work because although your work has been plagiarised the likeness of Lara belongs to Crystal and the Ebay user is selling it so technically had Crystal trademarked Lara and they are profiting of Lara without permission both of you could have a case. :o

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