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James_Rutland 17-02-13 22:03

[QUOTE=Mikky;6655252]Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Can't say the same about everyone else here, though.[/QUOTE]

I understand, but you're not really helping by being like that, just saying :o

Linoshi Croft 17-02-13 22:05

[QUOTE=James_Rutland;6655249]It's really cheap, plus 250+ pages of TR art :D[/QUOTE]

Mm, I know but I didn't get the collectors edition cause I know it'd all just be thrown someone eventually!

I'll think about it. :D

Underhoe 17-02-13 22:16

Woo, I just pre-ordered the game in steel case, and I get the Explorer DLC too. It makes me quite excited. :D

TheRCroft 17-02-13 23:02

Endurance Week: Learn more about Lara’s shipmates the week of 2-18 – 2/24. Unveiling a character a day, we’ll give added insight into those who join Lara Croft in the search for Yamatai!

Lara Croft

• Real Name: Lara Croft
• Age: 21
• Nationality: British
• Occupation: Recently graduated Archaeologist. Also worked several part-time jobs as a student to help pay her way through university, including bar work.
• Interests: Archery, rock climbing & hiking, reading & research.

A bit of a workaholic, Lara is an unassuming and rather bookish young woman, making her way through life in search of meaning and direction after the disappearance of her parents while on an expedition. She is a product of a privileged childhood, and was initially sheltered from many of the harsh realities of life. Growing up, Lara spent time travelling with her parents on archaeological expeditions. She developed a worldly outlook and a passion for ancient mysteries.

The search for Yamatai marks her first job after graduating from university. Although it is her first time as a full crewmember, it is not her first time on the Endurance. She spent time in her early adolescence on the ship when her father used to hire Roth for expeditions, and took several smaller trips more recently as an intern when she could get time away from her studies. Her best friend Samantha and the crew of the Endurance are the closest thing to family that Lara has.

She possesses a powerful sense of moral (if not physical) courage. Lara is clever, resourceful and determined. When push comes to shove, Lara’s loyalty to her friends outweighs her fear for her own safety.[/QUOTE]

Mikky 17-02-13 23:06

Ah, I was just about to post that. :p

As nice as Lara is, I'm more interested to know more about the other characters and their backstories. :D

TheRCroft 17-02-13 23:07

Sorry! :p Yeah, I'm more interested about the other characters too, I already know enough about Lara :p

BinRaider 17-02-13 23:09

I wanna find out in the game about her friends.

nevillet 17-02-13 23:27

[QUOTE=Mikky;6655194]Just think, if people stopped bitching about hair, then there won't be anyone bitching about them. The world would be a much better place. :D

Oh, but no, hair is so imporant. God forbid if anyone thought otherwise.[/QUOTE]

[CENTER]Agreed. I am SO over the hair thing. Maybe they should have given Lara a crewcut - imagine the complaints then!!

EDIT: LOVE the bio of Lara. So she was already interested in archery/already has some skills. Makes sense. Also, she loves reading and research - so she has no doubt researched Yamati in advance...

James_Rutland 17-02-13 23:31

Is that Justin Bieber?

CLF 17-02-13 23:34

[QUOTE=Weemanply109;6655243]Yes. :pi: The one you get with the bonus editions is only a mini version of the full art book with 32 pages.

The actual art book has over 250+ pages and costs £16 and is sold separately.


That's a bit ****, to be honest. I'm really tempted to just change my pre order to the standard edition if that's the case as the art book was really the only thing that made me want to get the Survivor Edition, I'm not paying a tenner extra if I'm only going to get the clip notes of a completely separate product.

*Orders standard edition from GAME*

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