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Pendrak 30-06-20 21:46

Hi, I recorded another behind the scenes. This time it's the cutscene where Roth died [url][/url]

LateRaider 01-07-20 06:25

[QUOTE=Rai;8211931]That wouldn't be a reason to remove a game from the store though. Edit: I just clicked on the link and it's there.[/QUOTE]

mustve been a mistake thanks rai

Costel 24-07-20 08:48

Admit it guys. The first time you entered in that bunker in the Coastal Forest at the beggining of the game you thought you are entering a big tomb.

Vaskito 24-07-20 12:07

No. I thought I was entering certain death

Dermahn 08-08-20 13:28

Does anyone know how many people you need to get all MP trophies in this game? I seem to remember you need to be 4 people to play ranked :ponder:

Matie 08-08-20 15:51

That's correct, you need 2 vs 2 to get it started.

puristic jink 18-08-20 15:22

[QUOTE=Costel;8222163]Admit it guys. The first time you entered in that bunker in the Coastal Forest at the beggining of the game you thought you are entering a big tomb.[/QUOTE]

I never thought that so no thanks.

Valentino 19-08-20 09:25

Just started playing this again and it’s been a few years. Well, I’m just at the wolf den part where you retrieve the pack for Conrad, and....... I stopped playing :o
I’m not sure why I’m struggling - could be the slow start, but I think I’ve played it so many times I can’t deal with the characters and voice acting in 2020. I know it’s been discussed many a time but oh wow.....oh wow. I’m constantly slagging everything off in my head :o
Even the boring character designs are irking me! What’s wrong with me?! I see it with a lot of concept artists - especially when everyone wants a realistic gritty tone - all the characters are limited to certain and specific dress codes. I.e basic as ****. You see a lot of Rayes and Alex designs in other games.
Were we supposed to have more cutscenes of Lara sitting at a campfire watching the camera flashbacks? Because it’s set up like the camera was going to be this tool for some context and backstory on events and characters before the ship crashed. They even have an ‘extras’ section in the menu for the 2 cutscenes on the endurance. TWO! What was the point in having a section for 2 cutscenes. And who the hell is filming on the endurance? Is it not Sams recorder? They set it up like it is someone just capturing the goings on while sailing but it makes no sense. The crew is arguing at the table and someone Is filming and zooming in on character faces like it’s Big Brother. Very random way of presenting the story should just have made them cutscenes. And it’s not even Sam filming - Crystal obviously set it up as Sam being this camera savvy girl but someone we don’t know is filming everything (aside from the really really bad scene of Sam filming herself and Lara with the criiiiiinge dialogue.
Lara: “okayyyy okayyyy....... and Sam.......thanks” *stares at camera for 5 seconds smiling* ) you know the one.
And then you got the bizarre scene of someone filming Lara and Conrad talking from far away. What were Crystal trying to do? I really don’t get it. A lot of ideas seemed just for show and weren’t realised or conceptualised well. I think they were gonna try have these ‘learning’ reminders from Conrad too. Before killing the dear an over voice of Roth reminding Lara about “focus. the key is focus” (Well no **** Conrad) pops up and then again another one about following the stream back up to the camp, and then another one on the radio “remember when we climbed snowdon -just keep moving” ..... it’s like Crystal knew they wanted to make survival game so put in these survival vibes and elements and then they just went no where and were actually pretty corny.. But most of the tips are pretty obvious things people would do anyway and then these “tips” aren’t given again (not that we need them) from what I remember.

Damn I did not think I’d go on that long - I’m just surprised and it sucks for me that I can’t get past these silly anyone the same?

Costel 20-08-20 05:45

[QUOTE=puristic jink;8230459]I never thought that so no thanks.[/QUOTE]

You got me confused with the ”no thanks” part. :confused:
Did I offer you something?

Tomb Raidering 20-08-20 18:23

[QUOTE=Costel;8230938]You got me confused with the ”no thanks” part. :confused:
Did I offer you something?[/QUOTE]
Leave it be... :p

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