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LeonDeka 09-01-21 13:45

Tomb Raider FMV - Now at 4K and 30FPS!

New Versions of these files have been created and are now uploaded to Drive and YouTube. Existing links should work.


• Added High-definition text to opening cinematic
• Fixed VISION cutscene so switches to 15fps temporarily to clearly show images as they flash by
• Reduced interpolation issues
• Re-encoded with H.265 to reduce file-size
• Fixed over-zealous cropping
• Improved gamma so videos are not as washed out
• Removed herobrine.

Hi Everyone! Me again!

It has been a tough year for us all. And I wont even begin to describe how it’s affected me. But what got me through this is the trust and support this kind community has given me with the preservation of the most intricate part of the Tomb Raider series; The FMV.

I have posted my remasters of Tomb Raider FMV in the past, but I have grown and learned since then. I have developed my craft, learned new skills. And It was high time these beauties be revisited!

So, using a combination of new software and some tools which nearly melted my Graphics Card…

Tomb Raider 1 – at full 4K. AND 30FPS!

Now, since it’s 4k, the files are very big. But I do invite the community to play around with them, compress them and tweak them as they wish! It’s all yours to enjoy and play with!


YouTube Playlist

Feedback is always appreciated and I will do my best to improve on my work in the future!

Thanks again for everything!


Famicom 09-01-21 14:55

People like you make TR1 look better than ever 25 years later. Thank you for these, I'm going to download them as soon as I reach my desktop. Can't wait to play through the game once again, with these beauties. 30 fps is certainly something else.

TombHackR 09-01-21 17:51

One day I would like to see somebody use motion blur at 15 FPS, rather than motion interpolation to 30 FPS. As you can see, trying to interpolate frames doesn’t work well with many videos, just look underneath the ‘Los Alamos - New Mexico’ text at the beginning of the first cutscene.

TRJTA 09-01-21 21:55

Awesome work! Thanks so much

Bokkie 10-01-21 10:27

Absolutely awesome :jmp:

pitchtheripoff 10-01-21 17:46

Amazing work! :D Those FMVs really look fantastic

Famicom 11-01-21 15:38

What I find to be missing, though, are the remade location captions that were present in your previous upscalings... :confused:

Sardoc 11-01-21 17:51

Hm, there seem to be stutters every once in a while? Something wrong with the files?

UroshUchiha 11-01-21 18:52


Originally Posted by Sardoc (Post 8268317)
Hm, there seem to be stutters every once in a while? Something wrong with the files?

I haven't checked the files myself, only the youtube clips. I remember having stuttering on 4k videos back on my old old PC which couldn't handle the resolution. Maybe it's that?
Or maybe there is an issue with the files but I'm sure someone would have noticed sooner.

Lwmte 12-01-21 09:09


Originally Posted by Sardoc (Post 8268317)
Hm, there seem to be stutters every once in a while? Something wrong with the files?

If you're talking about garbage frames which occur on cuts, I already mentioned this to LeonDeka on Discord. It happens because he did an interpolation on the whole FMV, without splitting it to separate clips on cuts, therefore interpolation software tries to interpolate between cuts which is wrong.

Also neither Twixtor nor Resolve nor Premiere "optical flow" can properly interpolate low-contrast or blurred objects (yet), so you will still see some objects or masses moving at 15FPS, there's not much you can do about it.

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