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michaeldt 28-01-18 01:52

Peter Connelly teases Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel, coming August 2018
"Fallen from light, reborn in shadow"

What do you guys think this is?

Peter has uploaded a facebook status teasing a new project with a teaser website.



Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/trdarkangel/

So many possibilities! Discuss :D

jhons0529 28-01-18 02:20

I think the only answer from me is a great big *sigh*
Seriously I think its just going to be the OST, more beta AOD reveals or something along the lines.

Sadly I just don't expect much.

To actually have something bringing back the real Lara would be too good to be true, and if it has relation to her its probably not going to be done well.

I can't think of what this could be perfectly, but I hope for the best.

As long as the reboot doesn't get in the way in terms of relevance its all good.

tomblover 28-01-18 03:51

Yeah, er -- it's going to be scraps of beta footage, at the very best. I mean, or even more cuts from the soundtrack, completely unused cues and the like.

Which would be really cool to have. But it's not going to be anything interactive, I'm sure. :vlol:

Peter isn't affiliated with CD/SE in any meaningful way, is he? The only way we could get something more than the above would be with their sanctioning.

More to the point, it's being billed as some sort of "event", so maybe it's simply Peter's shot at a TR Suite-esque project. Again, really cool, but nothing I'm about to lose my **** over. :p

I'm saying this mostly because all of the teasers so far have had to do with TR4 through to AOD. It seems the name of the project was chosen based on how catchy it sounded, rather than because it's explicitly related to AOD in particular.

ANoDE 28-01-18 07:12

Uuuuuh. Sounds interesting. I'm officially teased :D

Caesum 28-01-18 07:33

I have several ideas.

Since SecretProject#1 turned out to be an event with Core members talking about Tomb Raider etc., maybe it is something similar, but on a bigger scale or related directly to TRAOD.

Since Peter Connelly is in the team it might have something to do with unreleased content. I remember Peter saying how he thought TRAOD soundtrack sounded best as midi, and how he said he would go back to TR5 to fully finish the main theme. So maybe:
- It is a reedition of TRAOD soundtrack in TR4-5 style, or TR4-6 soundtrack as midis (highly unlikely).
- An album with remade music pieces like Nathan did.
- Some unreleased content like FMVs or sound samples.

Since Ash, Jenni and Peter are in the team, then maybe, just maybe, it is a short (animated?) movie about TRAOD or its continuation.

Personally I wish it was more alpha/beta content. I'd die for the Tomb of Ancients ECTS demo. Or the demo with better controls which were made too late so weren't implemented in the final version.

FairFriend 28-01-18 09:09

Jesus, why the negativity? Even if it's just a tiny bit of new info, that would be super cool! If people are expecting old Lara to come back in any capacity, they're being delusional.

Anyway, since Jennifer Milward (the author of the AOD novelization, ins't her?) seems to be involved, it may be a continuation of AOD in the form of a novel. Or perhaps a radio play based on the AOD novel with Peter's music, and perhaps some acting from the original cast (an audiobook of the novel already exists though)

jhons0529 28-01-18 09:27

^Not negativity :p
Not expecting old Lara either, just saying its not probably going to be exciting.

OST etc is great, but I really don't think its going to be anything big quite honestly is all.

I would kill for anything beta but its just... Idk for an actual announcement like this rather than just some release it feels more like its going to be a let down than if it was just let into the world unless its OST stuff.

I just feel like for so far (August right?) It wont be worth the wait, I obviously hope it is but in general it all just seems really odd to me, I can't really say how I feel specifically.

That being said I'm actually getting more exited over minutes :p

But I just don't have a high expectation, I almost doubt story or anything like that.

Hopefully something good though at least.

Caesum 28-01-18 10:50


"[...] not going to be exciting[...] don't think it's going to be anything big [...] idk [...] it's going to be a let down [...] it won't be worth the wait [...] seems really odd [...] don't have high expectations [...]"

Sounds pretty negative to me tbh

Shing 28-01-18 10:50

This is very interesting and they are teasing it very well. They used a lot of quotes from Lara-Werner conversations while counting down for the first info. I don't think they just randomly choosed those lines. The webpage background is the TR4 ending.

Also a tattoo for the project. The art has Horus and AoD Lara on it and again TR4 Lara falling down.

Working on the Obscura paintings too, straight from AOD... why?

Their project folder has Egypt style. TR4 again.

Maybe they are trying to fill the connection between TR4 and AoD? I know we had a short book, but that still didn't explain much. Now the question is how? Releasing all background infos? Or even more?

Ruu11 28-01-18 11:04

Honestly, I never been so hyped on TR stuff since Nicobass TR2 remake :vlol:

Someone said to me that Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel can be something like an animated short, but just rumors... Wish it'll be some kind of beta stuff (maybe the E3 playable demo like Caseum just said) or at least new info on AoD sequel!!!

There's a guy on Twitter (@jches16) that is apparently on the team who works at this secret project and he draws the Obscura Engravings (really cool drawings, btw) so this can maybe mean something on what's this all about.

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