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OrangeJuice 19-08-19 02:02

AoD 2D: A Reimagining
bonsoir to everyone who has stumbled upon this thread!
if you have, chances are that you still hold this game dear in your heart.
so let me announce a project that i've been working on for a few months now and that i'm growing prouder and prouder of.

What is this?
this is AOD 2D. it is a two-dimensional reimagining of/homage to core design's the angel of darkness. i say reimagining because the project does follow the original game structure but at the same time i'm taking a few creative liberties: this is mostly because recreating 3d environments in 2d does call for some reinventing and also because y'know - i'm making this and i wanted to sprinkle in some creativity lol.

Who's working on it?
this is a one-man project and it's been in the works since earlier this year so it is taking shape but i will need time to complete it. i don't plan on rushing it but i do wanna share more and more of it as time goes on (im thinking public demos? so we can have lots of quality assurance going on hehe)

i'm not just gonna tell without showing though so let me announce AoD 2D to you with a handful of screenshots:

Screenshots Batch #1 (19/08/19)


Originally Posted by Alex Fly (Post 8122264)
What engine are you using to develop it?


Originally Posted by Dustie (Post 8122323)
can you tell as something about what you're using to make this happen? is this based in unity or UE?

i did consider using unity to work on this but i ended up picking game maker studio 1.4 since i'm actually quite comfortable with it as i've been using it for years.


Originally Posted by nakamichi680 (Post 8122274)
Good job so far, I'm looking forward to seeing more screenshots from Louvre and Hall of Seasons.
Are you planning to add some sort of 2.5D effect (multiple background layers scrolling at different speed)?

thank youu! i was really looking forward to your opinion. more screens coming soon.
also the game is built on layers yeah but i haven't thought of implementing scrolling backgrounds so far. there's layers of visual effects (such as lights, fog, rain as you can see in the screens) that are drawn on a closer layer than lara is.


Originally Posted by Samz (Post 8122307)
So are you using recorded animations then...what ever they did for stuff like Driv3r GBA with the actual animations? curious how you did it since the game's normally locked to Lara's back.

i resorted to nakamichi680's animations exporter tool to rip all the characters+enemies animations from the game and then i imported them in maya where i "recorded" them with a side view.


Originally Posted by klona (Post 8122325)
That's awesome! Are you considering including the deleted locations and using some of the known points to fill out plot holes?

i don't think im gonna include the deleted locations as i wouldn't have any assets/solid material for them. i am expanding and fixing the dialogues though and i plan on "streamlining" the plot a bit (which doesn't mean im gonna dumb it down).

Parisian Backstreets Teaser Clip (23/09/19)

a tiny clip from the parisian backstreets level showcasing a path that you won't want to take when playing! hope you like it and im open to feedback <3

New Rain Test (24/10/19)

Mademoiselle wanted to say hi (01/01/20)

Athukraz 19-08-19 02:11

Omg this is amazing! I love it. Looks like a modernized GBC/GBA TR game. Interested to see where this goes. Good luck!

SrDanielPonces 19-08-19 02:15

shooketh i'm actually interested, lets hope this doesn't get the core flop curse

NoahCrofRaider 19-08-19 02:39

Ooh wow! This looks great! It really reminds me of the GBA titles, which I dig. Looking forward to it. :D

Woops 19-08-19 02:49

This looks amazing, nice work! :tmb:

laracroftswest 19-08-19 03:14

This is so cool! Best of luck working on this, can't wait to see how it turns out :D

charmedangelin 19-08-19 03:17

Awesome, hope the curse stays away from this project.

OrangeJuice 19-08-19 04:32

thank you everyone for the nice responses! can’t wait to share more :-)-)

Originally Posted by Athukraz (Post 8122221)
Looks like a modernized GBC/GBA TR game.


Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider (Post 8122225)
It really reminds me of the GBA titles, which I dig.

yeah i was inspired by those, especially the gbc ones. i was also very much inspired by the oddworld series and games like another world.


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8122222)
lets hope this doesn't get the core flop curse


Originally Posted by charmedangelin (Post 8122232)
hope the curse stays away from this project.

lmao i hope so too
but nah dw i’m very determined to finish this

_Seth 19-08-19 05:33

This looks AMAZING! :D

Heartache 19-08-19 07:27

oh my god this looks lovely. such a cool idea. :hug:

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