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tombraider4ever 31-07-16 17:30

tombraider4evers Fmv Lara model
I'm making a Fmv Lara model in Daz, using different morphs, I was inspired by larafan25s awesome artworks in this thread: clicky, I have posted some picks of my Lara models there also. I decided to make my own thread here instead of hijacking larafan25s thread :)

Here is the latest version of my model, witch I couldn't have made without larafan25s inspiring images and advice):

Click the pick for the full size render :)

Character: my FMV Lara model for Genesis 3 female, I used 200+ head and body morphs, genesis 3 female head and body morphs, a little bit of The girl 7, Adaline and Victoria 7.
Skintexture/Shader: from Fredels awesome Retro Heroine,
Outfit: Retro outfit by Fredel.

Edit: Here are links to the renders:

clicky1, clicky2
clicky3 clicky4 clicky5 clicky6 clicky7 clicky8 clicky9 clicky10 clicky11 clicky12 clicky13 clicky14 clicky15 clicky16 clicky17 clicky18 clicky19 clicky20 clicky21 clicky22 clicky23 clicky24 clicky25 clicky26 clicky27 clicky28 clicky29 clicky30 clicky31 clicky32 clicky33 clicky34 clicky35 clicky36 clicky37 clicky38 clicky39 clicky40

clicky41 clicky42 clicky43 clicky44 clicky45 clicky46 clicky47 clicky48 clicky49 clicky50 clicky51 clicky52 clicky53 clicky54 clicky55 clicky56 clicky57 clicky58 clicky59 clicky60 clicky61 clicky62 clicky63 clicky64 clicky65 clicky66 clicky67 clicky68 clicky69 clicky70 clicky71 clicky72 clicky73 clicky74 clicky75 clicky76 clicky77 clicky78 clicky79 clicky80 clicky81 clicky82 clicky 83 clicky84 clicky85 clicky86 clicky87 clicky88 clicky89 clicky90 clicky91 clicky92 clicky93 clicky94 clicky95 clicky96 clicky97 clicky98 clicky99 clicky100 ...The rest of the links are comming soon :)

Alex Fly 31-07-16 18:00

Beautiful ! :tmb:
And good idea to post all your renders in a thread so we can see them all at the same place. ;)

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 18:12

Thanks! :hug: Fmv Lara has always been the one closest to my heart, so the positive feedback I have received about my Fmv-model really means a lot! ♥
Contructive criticism is welcome also ofcourse, as I want to improve :)

ersel 31-07-16 18:57

really super :cln:
Will you make also render with Von Croy.

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 19:16

Thanks! :hug: I would love to make renders with Von Croy if I had a suitable model. I am new at Daz so I havent any morphs for males yet, only some basics that are included as fit or not fit body, toned or not and so on. For some reson I have gotten the most products and models for females lol

I have a Lara render in the works, I will post it when it's finished :)

yesrushdt 31-07-16 20:45

Looks superb tombraider4ever! Coincidently enough, I was checking out your renders on deviantart yesterday for the first time. Absolutely love them, especially some of the TR1 loading screens you did.

VindicativeBF 31-07-16 20:58

would you please make more of these?

Laras Dream 31-07-16 21:21

I love your interpretation. Its so unique. She's a lot more sharper in terms of facial bone structure than the classic FMV model; I approve! :)

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 21:40

Thank you so much for the compliments! :hug:
I will absolutly make more :)

tombraider4ever 31-07-16 22:16

Another render :) :

Click the pick for the full size render :)

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