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MilkShakespear 20-01-21 15:56

Underworld Java download?
Has anybody else tried to download and play the Tr Underworld Java game? You can still download the file at various websites, but my KEmulator is having trouble playing this game. Anyone have any luck elsewhere?

Los Angeles 24-01-21 12:05

The what now?

TRF 26-01-21 18:55

Well, the game released in 2008 and the emulator isn't that good.
I haven't found any solution to this, other then owning a phone that can play the game :(

But those phones aren't made anymore, so I think you're out of luck.
Could be mistaken though!

MilkShakespear 28-01-21 13:21

After the usual trial and error, I was able to upload a couple of Java games onto an old Ngage. Puzzle Paradox and Quest for Cinnabar. Would love to get all the java games uploaded to the Ngage, but there are a few that have slipped through the cracks:

I can't find an English copy of the Osiris Codex anywhere, only a German version exists.
Lara's Poker Party doesn't appear anywhere on any java download sites.
Tomb Raider Legend and Underworld 3D have a different aspect ratio than the Ngage, so I'm stuck emulating it from a laptop, but I've still had trouble finding the right emulator, as in the initial post of this chain.

The games themselves are absolutely nothing to keep you up at night, but it's been a fun journey, uncovering lost gaming relics of the past.

That being said, if anyone has any idea how to unsurface the Interactive TV games, that's the final goal!

CheshireBitch 20-02-21 11:10

I would be very interrested in playing the old 2D phone games (osiris codex, ect...) as they look very close the the TR game for Gameboy color !!

SLAYER 27-02-21 18:42

This thread could be of help:
you can try contacting the OP

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