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Revenge 28-02-21 16:10

New Game ! - Find TR-like titles for tiktok compilation videos
[this may flop but at least I tried hihi]

Hi everyone, I have a new game idea I'd like to share. :o

You know all those tiktok compliation videos on youtube that have names like ...
"tiktoks that cured my anxiety and gave me straight A's"
"tiktoks to watch in bed at 3am"
"tiktoks that saved sia from beyonce's basement"

Well the game here is to invent the same kinda titles but related to TR ^^
If you don't get it now you probably will as the game goes on (hopefully xD)

PS : you may replace "tiktoks" with "vines" if you prefer haha


I'll start :

tiktoks that gave reboot Lara back her duals and a braid

tiktoks that saved Amelia from the Eitr and brought her back to life

tiktoks to watch while Amanda is put to the TORCH

tiktoks that gave Qualopec lipgloss and clear skin

Rai 28-02-21 17:05

I'm a bit confused. How is this a game exactly, if all you're doing is asking people to make up tiktok titles? :confused:.

But, you know, carry on...

FreakRaider 01-03-21 19:36

great idea! :D

tiktoks that touched Amanda and they touched her back

tiktoks that made Arthur turn in his grave

tiktoks that killed off Zip and Alister

tiktoks that made Reboot Lara stop crying

tiktoks that raided my tomb

ok can't think of more now lmao

Zsott 05-03-21 04:40

tiktoks, that defrosted Natlas's jar
tiktoks, that put beans on my toast
tiktoks, that made Lara Croft enter Area 51
tiktoks, that stopped the famine in Paititi
tiktoks, that made Isabella laugh
tiktoks, that made Janice work early
tiktoks, that made Mme Carvier sassy

I'll stop, since it's too eady, lol

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