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sampiza 09-11-19 20:33


Originally Posted by Teone (Post 8150483)
This was the very first I played but I didn't post statistics yet. I loved it. There are many tricky jumps to do, and also a very nasty timed run.
I didn't understand the boss fight, anyway, because I hitted him twice, the levers got stuck but the Boss was not dead so I had to aim him in the room where he came from to reset the levers triggers.

Glad that you liked it. Seems that you had a bug :(, the problem is that idk how to fix this because when I play in this part it doesn't happen, neither with the people that tested the level, so I don't have any idea on why the cause of it...

Teone 10-11-19 07:24

Not a big problem, anyway, because it's not a softlock situation. You can still unlock the levers and hit him more, then he dies.

CheshireBitch 10-11-19 18:39

I played 4 levels, this is my opinion so far :)

Dinne - The Russian Base
I loved it, the level was incredible. 2h30 to finish it. A bit too much of a maze in my opinion, sometimes I couldn't remember where was what
and what I was actually looking for. But it's a very nice level. The second secret was so fun ! My favorite part was the
water/oil one with the pushables right before that. Loved the cutscene. The second level was a good idea but the missing sound
and no music watered down the whole thing imo. And, not your fault, the bike is a nightmare for me, always bumping into things,
having so much trouble doing the jump... too bad. Loved the ending anyway ! Great level !

DCW123 - Lost library of Demetrius
It really felt like a TR4 level, very classic. A bit too simple and easy but it was at least without mistake in my opinion.
Sometimes an easy level feels nice too. It's a beautiful level to look at and I really liked to play it. It is very close to
what Core Design did, just a bit too simple or empty sometimes imo but I get the idea.
Goals are clear and we run around but never without really feeling lost or aimless. So it's a very good point ! Very cool level overall !

LoreRaider - Puna's Revenge
It took me 2h30 and it was awesome ! I loved every bit of it ! The ambiance is incredible, I loved the cinematics, the gameplay
was fun and got you thinking. Difficulty is very very well balanced in my opinion ! I loved the final part it was very impressive !
The pools near the end got me scared and a bit disgusted haha. It feels like classic TR but enhanced, I didn't found all of the
secrets but the one I got I thought were nicely placed. You found them if you look around it's very rewarding in my opinion and
it gives loads of amo and guns I loved that. And the beta TR3 locations remade were so cool. Congratulations it's an awesome level !
Can't wait to play more levels from you !

Scourge05 - Strange Catacombs
It was a weird level to be honest. The weakest point was that Lara had to go back and forth just to pull a lever. I really
thought it wasn't fun. And she doesn't found anything in the end it's too bad. No reward :(
Some rooms are too big imo. The light in some room is very nice and in some other it's not quite
right but overall good I think. I really loved the idea of a day time storm !

Mulf 11-11-19 07:00


Originally Posted by Baslakor (Post 8148577)
Getting those uzi's early is one hell of a fight! My hats off to you if you managed that! Patience is rewarded though... ;)

For those who are gonna play Legacy of the Scion, I removed a jump, leading to a possible lock. If you're already playing, please do not make this jump and all will be fine:


Updated link:


I'm fairly sure I'm playing this updated version (the relevant files are dated 5 November, 2:37 h), but regarding the room with the four mummies who guard the Uzis (which you coincidentally mention in this post), what happened to me was that one of those mummies got stuck in the pushable, making it impossible to proceed any further. I should think this needs fixing, too. Surviving this fight is pretty much the result of dumb luck, and finding yourself in a deadlock immediately thereafter sort of sours the experience.

Titak 11-11-19 08:57

I saw that happening in a stream yesterday.
Block couldn't be moved because of the mummy glitching into it.

Perhaps putting a grey box there already avoids this issue. :ponder:

Mulf 11-11-19 09:11

Grey boxes are vital to avoid such issues. I had a similar one in one of my WIP levels where a skeleton jumped into a pillar made from floor and ceiling blocks, with a crack in the middle where Lara was meant to jump to and shimmy.
Enemies seem to recognise floor collision well enough, but in the heat of the moment they tend to forget everything they've learnt about ceilings.

Teone 11-11-19 10:23

Lost in the Amazon by Reggie


It's very good! I like the mix Jungle + Lab. Gameplay not trivial at all. Congratulations. :tmb:

CheshireBitch 11-11-19 10:25


Originally Posted by Mulf (Post 8150983)
Enemies seem to recognise floor collision well enough, but in the heat of the moment they tend to forget everything they've learnt about ceilings.

I can't :vlol:
The skeleton must have been like "ah man, I'm stuck in the ceiling again" lol

I just finished hostile waters by SrDanielPonces and it was so nice ! I just loved it, it felt very much like TR2 but better! It wasn't dumb hard but it had me thinking for some things, I loved the ending, very stressfull ! The added cutscene were so cool, espacially the ones in the beginning.
I loved how the ship is made and I love that we get a set of keys for the rooms instead of having to search for 53 different ones. It was an exceptional, it's been a long time since a TR level got me THAT entertained from beginning to ending ! And I wish it lasted longer ! :D

Loving playing all these levels so far, it gives a lot of inspirations and the will to do better levels myself ! :)

Reggie 11-11-19 10:32


Originally Posted by Teone (Post 8151009)
Lost in the Amazon by Reggie


It's very good! I like the mix Jungle + Lab. Gameplay not trivial at all. Congratulations. :tmb:

Thanks! Only one health pack used, that's pretty good. :D

CheshireBitch 11-11-19 12:03

I'm amazed (or I just forgot) how harsh people can be on review on trle.net lol
Calling my level a "tedious chore", :vlol:
clearly my level has flaws and is a bit rushed, because I didn't managed to fix it for the deadline, but I don't think it's actually that bad. lol
no offense taken btw.

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