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DaroRaider 12-10-17 07:54

Activate item_at_sector trigger with mp with stick enemy??
Hello there, :)

I'm trying to recreate some behaviours from original tr3 levels under dxTre3d.
This time I want to make an MP with stick enemy ( mov ID #60 ) trigger some items when the guy is at any sector.
I used the item_at_sector trigger but it doesn't work. When i use this trigger with a pushable box, then it works! But with the guy enemy doesn't..
I was trying to fEXinspect a room from Area 51 level and didn't find any clue about how this works, the trigger to open a door with a Mp with stick guy in area 51 level seems to work in a similar way when comparing with pushables boxes. so, i'm lost.

if somoene han something to say, or could recreate this, i would really be happy!

good luck and happy raiding!

Feder 12-10-17 13:35

Hi DaroRaider ! ;)

One question, did you use the enemy AI? In order to trigger an event by a guard, there must be an AI_ambush on the square of the trigger and another AI_ambush on the guard, otherwise even if the guard steps by his own on the trigger it won't activate.

thewolf 12-10-17 20:10

Sometimes the activation flags are not correct selected. Always check them. This happened to me often :)

DaroRaider 19-10-17 04:36

Hello, I had no chance to get an internet connection so I answer lately,

Yes, I checked flags and all were corrected set from both, the moveable and trigger!

And then I followed Feder's idea, I placed two Ai marks on the sector where the MP guard is placed: a guard Ai and an ambush Ai, then i placed another two Ai marks: another ambush Ai and a Path Ai on the trigger sector, then worked fine!
It's not exactly as represented in the Area 51 level, but just worked! :D

Thanks both for the help! :)

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