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Craig Michaels 18-07-19 19:03

Fantastic nighttime village LoreRaider. It looks fun to explore each of the huts. Coastal Village was the very first Tomb Raider level I played as a demo, and so I always look forward to returns to the South Pacific. I especially like the shafts of moonlight through the trees.

If I may make one suggestion, a few of the trees look like the end abruptly at the sky. Perhaps opaque leaf textures near the top of the trees, or a set of slightly slanted tiles around the top would help to make the transition look more natural?

Baslakor 18-07-19 23:59

So much talent in this thread! Really looking forward playing many of these levels!

DroneSpencer 19-07-19 03:32

I think that I maybe join the competition too.

I know before results are known that I will be one of last but it does not even matter. Matter on the fun while you creating a level. Matter on the fun you have while you play all those levels.

Cause it is just a few months back I begin with TR-NGLE(It is 1 year but I did not use it for 6 months) I do not take something too hard or too easy. I go in a mid way.

As I told, there is one huge MAYBE, cause I have a lot of stuff to do in real life and I do not know if I can make it in time. I know there are more than 3 months left. (3months and 11 days)

For my project, I have a plan and I will stick with it on 90%. There are a few more things I need to do.

The end of the talk around, I'll go straight to the point.

I will use textures from Tomb Raider 2 from maps Temple of Xian and Floating Island.

MAYBE-TR2-Temple of Xian + Floating Island
Name of project: AoD

CheshireBitch 19-07-19 08:57

I think I will give it a try ! Not sure to be able to finish in time because I will be probably very busy with real life, but I want to try it, it's been so long since I did something with TRLE !

Edit: I'll probably go with India.

DJ Full 19-07-19 16:49

Agent how did you know my theme is To Be Continued
I don't remember revealing this to anybody

dcw123 19-07-19 20:18

Arghhh... my level so far is way too linear .. the rooms are all plain, square and literally in a straight line LOL
I sketched some key ideas down, but as of right now, I'm just building as I go without any real plan..

I am quite tired today after a loooong day at work - so maybe I'm just tired and not doing my best..

How do you guys approach making a level from scratch.. ya know - starting off.

Sabatu 19-07-19 22:07

My level is in done :) (Beta stage)
156 rooms and 55 minutes of gameplay :)

SrDanielPonces 19-07-19 22:50

^ you can now rest for 3 months

Baslakor 19-07-19 23:17


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8111754)
^ you can now rest for 3 months

*beta test for 3 months! :p

AgentXP 20-07-19 00:24

^ Haha :D Wow Sabatu, you build so fast! Can't wait to play your level :)

PhryneCroft 20-07-19 09:45

Wow! I'm just halfway from the level :admles:, I still have a lot to do. Flyby cameras and TriggerGroups still have to be done.:D But do not want to reveal so much of the level otherwise the fun is gone. :jmp:

Sabatu 20-07-19 13:26

I need beta tester :)

SrDanielPonces 20-07-19 14:12


LoreRaider 21-07-19 09:31

Are 2 levels allowed like in the previous competition, right? :)

DJ Full 21-07-19 12:52

I thought of this, I have a leftover room, so it would be
- 35-minute main level
- 5-minute bonus from the past nobody knows about :)

LoreRaider 21-07-19 13:55

In my case it's a single level but the problem is the space so I might need to split it in two (just in case I would add a Madubu Gorge area :p)

larafan25 21-07-19 14:00

picking industrial classic textures for tga...

"i don't know what that is, but we might as well take it"

CheshireBitch 21-07-19 15:54

I will finally use South pacific as a theme.

I wanted India and I love the texture set but it's always ugly what I make with it lol

tombraiderxii 21-07-19 16:59


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8111957)

If that's not a mood I dont know what is lol :vlol:

Looking good! :D

dcw123 22-07-19 10:54


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8111957)

Nice.. are those new TR4 styled 3D hands I see - looks awesome ^^

SrDanielPonces 22-07-19 16:19

Thank you guys!!!

matrix54 22-07-19 21:07

Everything here is so cute. :admles:

LoreRaider 23-07-19 00:18



I just found out I love creating underwater areas now :vlol:

matrix54 23-07-19 02:50

Whatever that is, it’s perfect.

turneraider 23-07-19 04:03

Wow Lore that’s amazing! Can’t wait to play!!

disapearing-boy 23-07-19 10:20

Lore, that is absolutely beautiful.:D

DJ Full 23-07-19 16:20

Lighting is almost perfect but a bit of wallpaper is still there.
Wasn't there a secondary wall pattern in that pack?

dinne 23-07-19 20:44

// sorry, nothing, I solved

Osvaldo 24-07-19 03:55

Bueno, he terminado mi nivel. :)

¿Ahora qué hago? :3


Well, I have finished my level. :)

What do I do now? :3

(Google Translate)

AgentXP 24-07-19 15:28

That was fast :eek: You might want to consider getting your level beta tested, one of the mods can give you access to the testing forum if you ask them. Once that is complete, participants need to please send me their entries, so that I can ensure that they are all published at the same time once the competition is complete.

Osvaldo 24-07-19 21:56

Lo he probado y funciona bien, ¿cómo te lo envío? Solo pregunto. :)

¿Cómo contacto al mod? :3


I have tried it and it works well, how do I send it to you? I only ask. :)

How do I contact the mod? :3

(Google Translate)

Baslakor 25-07-19 00:40

Still, get it beta tested. It is easy to miss something if you walked by it a 100 times.

Osvaldo 25-07-19 00:53

¿Cómo contacto al mod para hacer el nivel beta? :3


How do I contact the mod to do the beta level? :3

(Google Translate)

Baslakor 25-07-19 01:02

Just ask around if people are interested in testing! Dutchy and Gerty have an excellent forum for beta testing, so get in contact with them as well. ��

LoreRaider 25-07-19 10:36

Thanks everyone for the compliments, I'll work with some different textures soon I guess :)

Someone better stop me with all these areas :vlol:

disapearing-boy 25-07-19 11:07

Do I spot some Tinnos textures recoloured there?:whi:

Once again it looks great.:D

PhryneCroft 25-07-19 13:20

Is it possible to create two levels?:) I want to make a level jump that Lara can switch between levels. I lack the necessary space, it should give the appearance that it is much larger. :D

dinne 25-07-19 18:28

I'd like to try too. :)
I finally managed to fix some problems I had with some wads, and I'm going to use the Russian asset of TR Chronicles.
I wanted to make a "reinvented" version of the whole Siberia story, but with 3 levels and not 4 (avoiding the one with the nautic suit that I truly dislike). This is the idea but I guess that for the competition I have to submit only 1 level, right? (and probably I'll not even finish one, so, in any case, I couldn't publish more than 2 with effort! But I'll make the rest independently from the competition).
I never published a level, just made many attempts on my computer, so my participation is not definitive. But yeah the asset is there. I'm also using some wads from Rome (forklifter and some grunge/garage props, nothing that goes outside the mood). :) I hope to produce something enjoyable on time! :D

AgentXP 25-07-19 18:47

I have added clarification in the rule section, so if you need to split your level due to limits, using same resources, similar to multilevel btb entries, that is fine. :tmb:

dcw123 25-07-19 20:05


Originally Posted by disapearing-boy (Post 8113725)
Do I spot some Tinnos textures recoloured there?:whi:

Once again it looks great.:D

Well.. technically this texture was featured in the beta version of TR3 - the missing Peru levels.. which look a lot like South Pacific.

Good job there again Lore - makes me wanna go for a swim!

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