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RedField2012 01-06-18 10:43

Lara Croft: The Dark Essence
Welcome to my fan made Modern Timeline where I want to share my dark story about Lara Croft in her upcoming journey.
This story will become a Trilogy soon enough and will be set in TV Spots of each episodes with the description of the plot to understand more what is happening within my story.
You are now entered to the thread of The Dark Essence season which is the beginning of Lara's journey that will be mixed with her troubled split personality and the Queen Elixir which gives an immortality.

(Released in January 2020)

To enter to the 2nd season - click here https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=223982

This is a 1st season of my Tomb Raider series called The Dark Essence which shows my version of Lara Croft and her upcoming journey. Here Lara has a team with Zip helping her remotely as a hacker and Alvis Akari the religious guy from Egypt who will be alongside with Lara as backup. Story will be going in 2005 where Lara will be at the age of 30. Everything will be fine until Lara's uncle Atlas de Mornay will show up again in her life. There will be also ties with Lara's parents: Richard and Amelia Croft back in 1975 where Lara is a newborn baby. In 1980 Amelia will be sick badly enough to die in next 6 months. This will trigger Richard in a journey to find some Queen Elixir. Legend said that this elixir can heal all wounds and diseases and also has an effect of immortality. But in the end Amelia dies and Richard decides to continue his search in this elixir. He starts care less about his daughter Lara and focusing more in finding that elixir. In 1985 Richard got lost on one expedition. After Atlas found out about Richard's gone, he decides to take his 10 years old niece Lara to himself. During 10 years Atlas was training Lara to become the woman WE know. But something happened in 1995 between them where Lara was in her 20s. Now in 2005 it's up to us to find out what really happened...

Main Characters are:


Playlist of Episodes (the plot is in the description) or go here starting with post #147 https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...220258&page=15

The Story of The Dark Essence season

1st season - 1st episode (Prisoner)

"The Story begins in 2005, somewhere in a Black Hawk, Colorado. Lara Croft, 30 years old, the proud daughter of one of the reachest family in Europe, found herself captured by one mob boss who wanted to interrogate her. He found Lara in one laboratory where his people were making drugs. He wanted to find out whether she was a cop or some agent who was snooping around on his territory. Lara didn't give up even after he poisoned her to kill her slowly and painfully. For the last 10 hours the mob boss was holding Lara as a prisoner to find out who is she working for. When the time came, Lara decided to confess to him. During that time the FBI SWAT troops arrived to the place. They had order to shoot anyone on sight. Lara told the mob boss that she was just a decoy to lure him out for the FBI. She played her role just fine even if he didn't want to surrender to the FBI. When the FBI SWAT troops came after the mob boss, he started shooting to them and missed. They shot back and didn't. They also saved Lara and moved her to a local hospital to get rid off the poison. In the end Lara came to Colorado to help FBI because of Zip. He was arrested for some FBI hacks before and Lara made a deal with them in order to clear Zip's past life as a hacker criminal..."

1st season - 2nd episode (Memories)

"After what happened in Colorado, Lara along with Zip left the USA and were moving back to Europe on the ship. Lara used one of her ships as a cover like it was some big fancy yacht where the people were having fun there during the trip. Zip thanked Lara for everything she did for him. He can start a new life now. Both Lara and Zip were partners for the last 6 years since 1999. Back then Lara in her 24s only started her adventure as Tomb Raider. Her first job was in India where she found the Infada Stone. Since then she made a big progress in finding treasures but now she less interested about it because she's tired of all that stuff. While they were moving back to London, Lara was in her cabin, lying on the bed and remembering her childhood memories. She remembers her beloved uncle Atlas de Mornay, who adopted her after Richard Croft's gone. Back then in 1985, Atlas told Lara that her father sent him to find and train her if something happens to Richard. Lara also remembered her mother - Amelia Croft. She died in 1980 where Lara was at age of 5. Lara barely remembers her mother because of the small amount of time they both had with each other. Good or Bad - those are the only memories Lara has for the rest of her life..."

1st season - 3rd episode (Old Friends)

"It's been a few days since Lara and Zip came back to London. One day in Croft Manor Lara received a message from her Egyptian friend - Alvis Akari. The message was a hidden magic map with glowing circle on the center of it. Lara did realise that map. She remembered that from one of Atlas's stories back in 1985. There was a tale about the Queen Elixir which heals all wounds and diseases and also has an effect of immortality. Zip did see a lot action with Lara for the last years but this felt something different. Lara told Zip to stay in the Manor while she will be in Egypt. Meanwhile in New York, Joseph Evert, another one of the reachest family name in Europe along with Croft and de Mornay, got a phonecall from Atlas de Mornay. He wanted something back what Joseph took from him. Joseph decided to track down Atlas while they were talking but in the end Atlas hung up. They both had a history together back in 1975 along with Richard Croft. Since then the FBI thinks that Joseph is a wanted fugitive. Atlas was in one of Evert's companies in New York. He was looking for the information about one thing that Joseph stole from him. But in the end Atlas didn't find anything usefull and decided to leave the place by killing the guards on his way. When Amanda Evert came to her father, he was going to leave. His assistent tracked down Atlas's location. Amanda didn't want her father leave and also wanted to help him. Joseph told her that they still have friends in high places who will help him with the FBI. He also promised that he will tell everything to his daughter when the time will come. After that Joseph left the building in pursue of Atlas. Next day Lara came to Egypt to see Alvis. She missed him a lot because they didn't see each other for a long time. Without a single doubt, she decided to have sex with him after arrival..."

1st season - 4th episode (The Story of the Queen Elixir)

"Next morning in Egypt, Lara woke up with Alvis. She said that she sorry for interrupting his medations yesterday. Alvis told her that he has a lot different ways that a man can worship. In fact Lara was the one Alvis wanted to worship ever since she came to Egypt for the first time in 2003. Back then Lara was collecting the pieces of the Scion. Since then, Alvis was a part of Lara's team along with Zip. Now he has a new clue to the Queen Elixir. Once there was a tree, a special tree that Egyptian people were worshiping it. This tree was the Tree of Life. It gave people the sap of life in return. This sap was called the Queen Elixir. Lara started to remember that her father was looking for that tree too. Ever since Richard found out about Amelia's cancer, he was looking the ways to treat it but the cancer was in the late stage. Doctors gave Amelia 6 months total. Richard was desperate enough to find this Elixir. He spent his entire life as archeologist until he met Amelia. After her, Richard gave up on his past life and move on with Amelia. But her cancer triggered the old Richard to get back on his previous life. When he got so close to the truth of the Queen Elixir's existence, Amelia died. Richard gave everything up even his daughter Lara and continued his search of the elixir. The Queen Elixir stood between Richard and Lara. It ruined their lifes back then. Only uncle Atlas decided to act and take his niece to himself after Richard got lost on one expedition. When Alvis confirmed that the sap of life is the Queen Elixir, Lara couldn't believe that the past started to chase her after all this time..."

1st season - 5th episode (Return of Atlas de Mornay)

"A week later after Lara returned to London, she received an invitation to one reach open air party. Lara decided to go there because she didn't want to stay in the Manor all the time. Lara decided that Zip should be with her behind the headset like always. Soon on the party Lara noticed someone on the balcony. It was her uncle - Atlas de Mornay. She couldn't believe that he's here in London. Atlas was staring at Lara then left the balcony. Lara informed Zip that her uncle is here. When they finally met each other in the garden, Lara still thought that she's hallucinating. Atlas told her if her hallucination is him then he was glad that she still remembers him. Lara and Atlas had a history together back in 1995. Something terrible happened between them that time. Lara escaped from her uncle and they never saw each other until now in 2005. Lara asked her uncle about how did he find her. Atlas answered that he didn't find her because he was always watching after her since 1995. He also mentioned that he did send an invitation. Altas wanted to talk with Lara but she couldn't even breath well so she fell down unconscious. After a while Zip was trying to wake up Lara. When she awoke, the guards came after her because the garden was the private territory. Lara had no choice but to fight with the guards to escape after. When she dealed with them, Zip watching through the camera was excited about how Lara moves even without the guns she was with way earlier on the job like this. In the end Lara escaped the party and there was no sight of her uncle either. She still has questions..."

1st season - 6th episode (Training)

"In 1986 Atlas started training his 11 years niece Lara. His training was rough because he was training Lara in the way Kill or Be Killed. At first Atlas wanted to teach Lara how to kill. Later in 1989 when Lara was in her 14s, Atlas was training Lara by tieing her and another oponent in front of her. Where did Atlas kidnap those people was still a mystery. The only reason Atlas wanted is to build strength in Lara so she could untie herself and reach the egde and kill the oponent. Those victims Atlas was kidnapping were sacrificed to make a cold-blooded assassin. This test was the hardest one for Lara. Every time Atlas was bringing those people, Lara refused to kill them. Uncle wasn't happy about it. He wanted to make Lara do it but she was scared to take someone's life. So Atlas was killing them by himself while Lara was painfully watching this. And one day Lara actually decided to act and made her first kill. That day Atlas was proud of his niece. Lara finally started to become the weapon Atlas wanted. It changed her life's perspective forever. Atlas told her those words - it was him or you, never let it be you. In 1995 where Lara was in her 20s, Atlas was teaching Lara another moments of life. He trained her to fight, to kill and to do anything in order to survive. Those 10 years with uncle Atlas were the hardest years of Lara's life..."

1st season - 7th episode (Awakening)

"A few days later after Atlas's arrival, Lara was in her ship's cabin that was stationed near the piers in London. While she was sleeping, her darkside awakens and then tries to wake Lara herself. After that Lara woke up and for a second she thought that was just a dream but then the door to her cabin opens and another Lara steps in. There was no doubt anymore that this is not a dream. Lara's darkside woke up after the long slumber. Her mind did mention about some syringe that was shot to Lara when she woke up during that party where she met her uncle. Lara didn't know what was in that syringe but that definetely triggered her darkside to awake. For a long time Lara kept her darkside in check for the last years. But that changed right after Atlas returned to Lara's life. Her darkside told Lara that she missed her since that day in 1995. Lara was afraid that everything will repeat again like it was the last time. And now Lara's darkside will be trying to break Lara herself to take control. She wants to possess Lara. Later Lara returned to Croft Manor to speak with Zip. She asked him about her uncle. Zip answered that she can talk to him about what happened between her and her uncle in 1995 but Lara refused to talk about. She ordered Zip to dig up any information about Atlas's last actions, when did he return, what was he doing, etc. She wants to find her uncle so badly so she even doesn't care about anything else. Zip told her that he will see what he can does about that. He noticed something different in Lara's eyes..."

1st season - 8th episode (de Mornay Industries)

"Next day Zip found something about Atlas. His tower de Mornay Industries started working again. It's been closed for a long time since Atlas was gone from London. But now the tower is back online. Zip told Lara that this has to be Atlas and no one else. Lara told Zip to stay put while she will go and meet her uncle. At night Lara infiltrated de Mornay Industries. The tower was empty: no personel, no guards, too quiet. When Lara found out that the elevators doesn't work but the power is on, she decided to use her old-fashion way - to climb up and reach the 71st floor where Atlas's office was last time she remembers. After a half-hour Lara finally reached 71st floor and proceeded to her uncle's office. When Lara came in, Atlas was waiting for her. She asked him about his return to London. Atlas answered that first he wants to test his niece's moves. He kicked Lara's gun and gave her a stick. Then they began to fight on sticks. Atlas was disappointed that Lara became sloppy after all these years. But then Lara got angry to fight back to impress her uncle. But in the end of the fight Atlas won. Lara kept asking him about his return. Atlas answered that he came for his niece. Lara reminded him all those 10 years of training she was passing through. She also reminded those poor people that he made her to kill them. Atlas answered that each death was a lesson and he was proud of Lara. She also told him that ever since she escaped from him, she was wondering about her uncle's weaknesses. After a time she realised that the weakness is herself. Atlas reminded her niece that he wasn't just training Lara for her own good. He was training her for the upcoming destiny she must to choose. Lara didn't buy it and Atlas wanted to make believe that she was special. Then Lara's darkise interrupted their talk. Possessed Lara took the gun from Atlas and pointed at him, saying that he isn't the only one who keeps secrets. At first Atlas was surprised after she said but a moment later he realized that he's now talking with another Lara. Atlas told her that she wouldn't come here just to talk without taking a shot. So Lara did shoot and missed on purpose. Then Lara told her uncle that she will find another way to destroy him. After that Lara left the tower..."

1st season - 9th episode (Ancient Secrets)

"It's been a week since what happened between Lara and Atlas in de Mornay Industries. Lara decides to forget about her uncle for a while and focus on what she does best. She came to Egypt to ask Alvis about unlocking that map that he sent to her before. She also asked Zip to look any information in the internet about the Queen Elixir. Alvis told Lara that he has some of his older uncles who will try to decrypt it but it will be hard. Because the map was written in the first ancient tongue. He thinks that this map requires a key to unlock it. The map has a glowing circle on the center which blocks the view of the possible Queen Elixir's location. Lara realized that this treasure won't be easy to find. Meanwhile Amanda Evert came to London. She headed to her father's company to take a place after his death. Amanda called business colleages who worked with her father to talk about the future of the company. One of the colleages insisted that Amanda can't take the lead of the company because she doesn't fully understand the meaning of her father's work. Amanda persuaded the colleages that she inheritted this company and she will make it better starting today. Meanwhile in Egypt, Zip was searching the net while Alvis was talking to Lara. She confessed to him that her demons started to hunt her. Alvis told her that wanted to help her with whatever demons that hunts her. Then she told him that the her demons might be hunting all of them..."

1st season - 10th episode (Shopping)

"Since Alvis told Lara that they need a key to unlock the map of the Queen Elixir, Lara asked Alvis for another help. She took him on the ship along with Zip and headed back to London. During the trip Alvis asked Lara about what is she looking for and what happened with her and her uncle. Lara decided to tell Alvis and Zip her story with Atlas, at least what she remembers. She told them about how Atlas raised her to become the woman she's now. Part of her is Richard's adventurer, but she also has another part which is Atlas's - killer. Like Atlas told her, Lara was raised to become a weapon in Atlas's eyes. But what she doesn't remember is what really happened between her and Atlas during her escape from him. She told Alvis and Zip that her uncle did hide some of her memories back in 1995 for her own good. That's why she wants to find out why he did this to her. Lara told them everything she remembers except her another personality who listens now every her word and waiting for a perfect moment to try and possess her. A couple days later when the whole team came to London, Lara told Alvis and Zip to stay in Croft Manor while she will go and buy something she haven't for a quite some time. Lara opened her garage near the Manor and took her bike Yamaha TRX850. She rided all the way from the Manor through the Tower Bridge and the rest of the streets of London. Meanwhile Amanda came to her new apartment in a hotel she ordered. Her windows were showing Big Ben on the far side. When Lara came to the shop, the guy who was there didn't expect Lara to come. He knows Lara way back since he was selling weapons before when it was allowed. Now it's only a black market works to buy anything illegal you need. First time Lara came there to buy two pistols back in 1999. Now Lara wants to buy some bigger guns for her next journey..."

1st season - 11th episode (To Be Not Yourself)

"Next evening Lara was walking on the streets of London. She noticed one guy and decided to follow him. When the guy came to his apartment he heard some noises behind the door. He wanted to check out but he was grabbed by someone and his hand was stabbed with the knife. It was Lara who stabbed him. She became possessed by her darkside. Lara was having fun with that guy by interrogating and hurting him. She kept him for a few days just for her own pleasure. Zip couldn't reach Lara because she was off the grid. He was wondering why did she do this. She was never disappearing just like that without informing Zip about her plans. After a few days Lara came back to Zip. He was asking questions about her disappearence but Lara only answered that she needed some time alone. Zip started to suspect Lara with her strange actions. At night possessed Lara came back to the guy's apartment to check him out. He was tied up for the last days. Lara wanted to continue her fun with him but the guy couldn't understand what she wanted from him anyway. In the end Lara killed him and cut off his arm. Then she burned the apartment to get rid off the evidences. Next morning Alvis called Lara to meet him. When she came Alvis noticed that she was feeling well and happy. He didn't suspect a thing about Lara with her happy mood. Alvis gave Lara an invitation to the one of expensive restaurants in London. He told her that this invitation is from her uncle. Lara expected that because she already was invited once for a reason. Alvis told her not to tell anyone there and don't trust anyone. Lara answered that she knows her job. After Alvis left Lara decided to meet her uncle Atlas again..."

1st season - 12th episode (The Key to the Queen Elixir)

"After Lara got the invitation she headed back to Croft Manor to dress up. In the evening Lara came to that restaurant which was a mix with a casino tables. Table that was chose for Lara was in non-casino room. When she reached her table Atlas was there waiting for her. Lara sat down in front of him. She asked him about what does he wants from her. Atlas answered that he needs a help. He reminded her a story about the Queen Elixir he was telling to her when Lara was at the age of 10 back in 1985. Lara told him that she has a map which has the location of that elixir. Atlas asked Lara about the key that can unlock it and she answered that she has a dead end here for now. Atlas told her that he might help her with that. Next room in casino table Amanda was playing poker. Lara decided to help her uncle on two conditions. She won't kill for him and he won't go near her team. Atlas looked at his niece and then told her that right now she's more valuable to her team than ever been. With those words Atlas gave Lara a dagger. He told her that this dagger is the key to the Queen Elixir. The dagger can unlock the map's location. After that Lara heard some happy scream in the next room in casino table. Amanda just won a poker game. Lara didn't expect Amanda to show up here in London. Atlas told his niece that Amanda is here for a reason. The reason is watching after her childhood's friend - Lara. Atlas told Lara to run. Amanda turned to the non-casino room to see Lara and Atlas but there only Atlas was who was about to leave the restaurant. Amanda texted a message to someone about Lara and Atlas's presence in London. Later at night Lara along with Alvis and Zip were heading to Egypt by the ship. She was watching at the dagger and hoping that she will finally find the Queen Elixir after so many times she heard the stories about it..."

1st season - 13th episode (Reaching the Pyramid)

"Next day Lara, Alvis and Zip came to Egypt. Lara told Zip to stay in the ship because she with Alvis will handle this. Alvis wanted to show Lara the book of the ancient monks who worshiped the Tree of Life. He told her everything what was in that book except the location of that tree. They believed that the Tree of Life existed before everything that was born on Earth. That tree might be thousands years old or even more. Lara noticed some wholes on the pages. Alvis told her that it was an old school technique so the pages with the wholes should line up. But Lara noticed that those wholes didn't line up and asked him why. Alvis couldn't answer that question in time and Lara tore a page. Then she decided to use sunlight to see the wholes through. It was a constellation of stars. They were giving the possible location of the Queen Elixir. Later Lara decided to bring the map and use the dagger that her uncle gave her before. Lara used the light of the lantern under the map and placed the dagger under it between the map and a lantern. The dagger did the trick and the glowing light disappeared and the location was revealed. Lara called Zip to give the coordinates of constellation. She wanted to find out whether those coordinates matches to the map's location. Zip did find out that they are match. Lara thought that the book wholes could be another way to reveal the Queen Elixir in case the map could be destroyed or stolen. So egyptian monks could retrieve the Tree of Life in time before someone will steal it. They kept the Tree in secret and didn't want to get it in a wrong hands. Alvis also told Lara that the tree was stolen once by the devil and the monks were trying to find it. Next day Lara was in a desert. She was going through the sandstorm until she reached the pyramids. When she reached it the pyramid was shinning under the sun. Lara didn't expect to come back to those pyramids again but under one of those pyramids could be placed the hidden Tree of Life..."

1st season - 14th episode (Deceived)

"After Lara reached the pyramid, she called Alvis to come too. At night they both found a way under the pyramid. There was hot and it could be difficult to stay there. Lara told Alvis that they are so close and they need to find that tree. Once they seperated, Lara started having hallucinations. At first she noticed her uncle Atlas walking through the tunnels of the cave. Alvis found some inscriptions in egyptian that might help with finding the tree. Lara was walking through the tunnels for a while and then she thought that she already lost a count on how many times she did go right or left. It was some sort of a labyrinth. Soon Lara fell down deeper through the tunnels. She was knocked out. Meanwhile Alvis found the Tree of Life but it was a dry tree for some reason. The tree was dead and there was no sign of the elixir either. Then he tried to find a way back. When Lara woke up she heard some noise then turned back and found Atlas. She asked him why did he come here. Atlas answered that better to ask Lara herself about that. She started to feel deceived that Atlas lied to her to lure her here. Lara used a machine gun to shoot Atlas but the shots went through him and she didn't see blood. Atlas told Lara that she won't stop him. While Alvis was looking for Lara, Atlas was trying to torment his niece. Lara told his uncle that he's trying to make her a cold-blooded killer like him. Atlas said that it was already been done. Then Atlas used a knife to stab Lara in the stomach. When Alvis finally found Lara, he saw that she was stabbing herself in the stomach. He tried to wake her up but she was talking to herself. Lara's darkside replaced Atlas and continued to talk with Lara. She told her that Atlas shaped them just like him. Lara's darkside wanted to break Lara to gain control of her by giving hallucinations. That night Lara almost went crazy. She could loose her mind but Alvis could reach Lara and wake her up. When Lara realized that she was talking with Alvis, she was scared after what happened to her. Alvis saved Lara and they both were trying to leave the pyramid cave tunnels but then they faced the bugs who were trying to interrupt the way. Lara decided to shoot them on her way to escape from this place along with Alvis..."

1st season - 15th episode (Meeting Amanda Evert)

"A few days later Lara with Alvis and Zip were heading back to London. She was upset that Atlas lied to her since he was interested in this elixir himself. Alvis asked Lara about her behaviour. He didn't see Lara talking to herself and stabbing herself before. Lara couldn't answer that. She was afraid that one day she might break up and loose control so her darkside will take the lead. Lara's trouble split personality was getting worse than before. Lara asked Alvis if he beleives in the demons. He answered that he believes in what egyptian monks believes - the afterlife and the evil that can be awaken. Alvis told her he does have a faith in this. Then he asked Lara what does she have faith in. Lara answered that she's a wrong person to talk about. She's now lost in her doubts. Alvis left and Lara's darkside told her that she's still a killer and she will break sooner or later. Later Lara decided to check her locker and there she found the arm that she cut off earlier when she was possessed while having fun with some guy before. Next day when all three of them arrived to London, Lara told Alvis to stay in the ship while she will go and find her childhood's friend - Amanda. She told Zip to find her. After some digging Zip found out that Amanda is having some charity auction. Lara decided to dress up and then went to the auction. While Lara was there Zip was talking with Alvis about the believes that people has all over the world. Lara was walking through the auction and listening Zip's talk. When another sale was complete Lara checked the people and then noticed Amanda on the stage. Amanda noticed her too. Lara was sure that Amanda didn't come to London without a reason after so many years..."

1st season - 16th episode (Confessions)

"After the meeting in the charity auction, Lara invited Amanda to Croft Manor. Next night in the Manor Lara was talking with Amanda. They both were remembering their childhood things they did together back in 1983 when they both were at age of 8. But then Amanda asked Lara about her disappearence in 1985. Lara told Amanda that after her father's disappearence in May 1985, her uncle Atlas decided to take her with him. Because that time she probably became an orphan since Amelia died in 1980 and Richard got lost in 1985. Atlas adopted his niece and after that they both left London. Amanda asked Lara about where was she those last 20 years since 1985. Lara answered her that this is a long story to tell about what places she visited specially for the last 6 years. Amanda asked Lara about how is it been a Tomb Raider. Lara answered that it was hard for the first time but then you'll just getting used to. She had an excited 6 years of the life of a Tomb Raider. Amanda asked Lara about what happened now. Lara answered that she's getting tired of all that stuff. She wanted something different for a change. Then Lara started asking questions. She asked Amanda about if she has the nightmares. Amanda was paused for a moment and Lara confessed that she has a nightmare about one woman who looks like her. Amanda then decided to confess back and told Lara about her father. Lara asked Amanda about their fathers relationship. Richard and Joseph were fine and worked together back in 1975. But surely Atlas was never around them both. Altas hated Richard since they first met. That hate grew stronger after Richard and Amelia got married. After the long girl speach, Amanda left the Manor. Lara decided to have a drink while Amanda made a call. She was talking with her father who was officialy been dead since Amanda took the lead of her father's company. Joseph was alive after all. He faked his death so Amanda could go back to London and took his company in her hands and also made a contact with Lara Croft to find out about her uncle Atlas de Mornay. Back in New York Joseph lost the track of Atlas. Now he's using his own daughter Amanda to get in touch with Lara and find out about Atlas's location. Joseph asked Amanda if she found out about Atlas's whereabouts. Amanda answered that Lara didn't talk much about her uncle. There were only memories. Joseph told his daughter that she needs to make a pull and act faster to do what she was told. He advised her to use anything in her power that doesn't include him. Next morning Lara visited Richard's grave. She decided to fall in memories about her father. Back in 1980 after Amelia's death Atlas decided to act against Richard in order to get his niece Lara to him. Richard didn't plan to give up so easily but Atlas told him that he was just started. Lara promised herself that she will find her father somehow..."

1st season - 17th episode (Croft, Evert and de Mornay)

"1975, the year when Lara Croft was born. There are 3 rich families in London - Crofts, Everts and de Mornays. Richard Croft and Joseph Evert were friends for a long time and always helped each other in hard situations at work. Only Atlas de Mornay wasn't around with both Richard and Joseph. One day in Croft Manor Richard was drinking when his assistant came in. He told Richard that they found some journalist who wants to become a whistleblower to the police. He also has some evidence against Croft. After that Richard decided to call Joseph to come to the Manor. When Joseph came Richard told him that the situation could get out of contol because of some evidence that can destroy their carreer and even worse - they can go to jail. Since Joseph has connections in the court Richard told him to find out what's what and fix this problem. Joseph said that he will see what he can does. Later that day after Amelia came to the Manor, Atlas was with his niece Lara. He waited the moment when Richard left the Manor. Amelia asked her brother about his anger to Richard. Atlas answered that he despises Crofts. Amelia reminded him that she's Croft too now and not de Mornay anymore. The only thing Atlas was happy about is Lara. Atlas told his sister about the divorce with Richard. Amelia told him that this won't happen. This was Atlas's plan A - his sister's divorce. Plan B was to find anything corrupt against Richard to send him in jail. Later that day Atlas came to the meeting in the car with Joseph. Atlas asked him about their progress against Richard. Joseph answered that the district attorney gave Atlas a clock on the deal. He has 3 days to decide whether to testify against Richard or going to jail himself for interrupting the investigation. So Atlas decided to use his Plan B against Richard..."

1st season - 18th episode (Be on the Run)

"After the long talk with Amanda previous night, Lara decided to stay in the Manor next day. During the day Lara was attacked by some assassin who infiltrated the Manor. Lara expected that because she didn't trust Amanda. After Lara beat up the assassin she wanted to find out who hired him. He didn't answer and Lara broke his neck. Then she headed to infrom Zip about the Manor's attack. She told him to meet in the ship which was parked near the piers of London. Alvis was living in that ship. Before leaving Lara asked her housewife to leave the Manor right now because someone attacked it and more people might come so it's not safe anymore to stay in the Manor. Since that moment Lara was on the run. At night Amanda was with her father on the plane. They were leaving London. Amanda told her father that the man she hired to get the information from Lara didn't call her. Joseph told her that he might be already dead. That means Lara is on alert and will try to disappear. Amanda failed her father. Joseph told her that they need to set the plan in motion before everything will go wrong. Joseph told his daughter that she needs to act herself this time if her people can't complete the job by themselves. Amanda said that she wasn't ready for what's coming. Meanwhile inside the ship Zip decided to talk with Lara. Before leaving London Zip wanted to say to Lara that he needs a break from their team work. Since they are on the run Zip didn't want to run. He decided to stay in London for a while. Lara was wondering that he's not coming back. Zip also said that he has some plans so he wanted to be alone for some time. Lara agreed with him but she felt lonely. She told him that she will miss him. Zip said that she has Alvis so she won't be lonely until he will come back. Next day Lara was in the bar. She decided to drink and to talk to local bartender about her friend who worked with for the last 6 years and didn't ask for some alone time from each other. She suspected that Zip found someone else and felt jealous even they are friends. In the end Lara decided to get back to her ship where Alvis was waiting for her and leave London before the heat will go down after what happened in Croft Manor..."

1st season - 19th episode (Nightmares)

"It's been 2 weeks since Lara left London. Now she's having a kind of honeymoon with Alvis in Egypt. Same thing goes for Zip in London. He found some girlfriend for himself. Lara has been suffering with the nightmares that chases her every night. Her darkside is still trying to break Lara during her dreams. Last dream that Lara saw was her having sex with Alvis when her darkside interrupted them. In every dream Lara's darkside is telling Lara that she'll have to die now. This time after those words she cut Alvis's throat and after that Lara woke up. Alvis realized that Lara isn't doing well since he saw her behavior under the pyramid a way back. Alvis wanted to know what Lara keeps from him. She decided to confess that she's having a trouble split personality. She found out about her second personality in 1995 when her uncle Atlas was training her. But Lara couldn't remember if this was a trigger to wake her second personality or not because her memory of 1995 has only pieces and not full. She blames Atlas for that. Alvis asked her about how is she doing now. Lara answered that she's having a monster inside her who is growing stronger every day since it was born. Lara afraids that one day she will finally loose the control and that monster will possess her completely. Alvis advised Lara some meditations of his so she could control it. Lara told Alvis that she had it under control for the last 10 years until now. It frightenes Lara in any way to become the menace to all even her closest ones. For now everything remains as it was for those last weeks..."

1st season - 20th episode (What happened in 1995?)

"A week later Zip returned to Lara and Alvis to Egypt. From the dreams Lara started to remember the place last time she was with her uncle. That place was some kind of laboratory in Himalayas. All three used the ship to get to Himalayas. During the trip Zip was digging up the information while Lara was trying to remember the exact place of the lab. When they came to Himalayas Lara did remember the place and asked Zip to hack the satellite and look at Himalayas's real time map. When Lara noticed something familiar she told Zip to mark it's location. There was some abandoned place near the lake and the mountains. Lara gave Alvis a gun and asked him to go with her while Zip remains on the ship via headset. After Lara and Alvis got out from the ship they headed to that lab. Later Amanda showed up from the ship. She was following Lara since they left Egypt to get here. When Lara along with Alvis reached the lab Zip told them that this place was abandoned for 10 years. It was closed in 1995 by Atlas de Mornay. Now Lara was sure that she was on the right track to find out what happened in 1995. Zip told them that everything is still operational and he just needs to rewrite the power. When Lara reached the big room with medical chairs she started seeing the flashbacks of her past. Her visions were from 1995 when Lara was with her uncle for the last time. Those medical chairs were full of dead people. Lara realized that she killed them all. This was the first time Lara's darkside was awaken and posseessed her. Atlas couldn't understand what happened with Lara. She was looking for a cure to get rid off the voice in her head. Atlas told her that she needs to come down but Lara didn't want to. She told him that she's hearing the voice in her head. Atlas wanted to calm Lara by telling the stories he used to tell her when she was a child. After the story Atlas asked Lara what did the voice say. Lara corrected him that the voice is she. She told Lara that Atlas can't be trusted anymore. Then the vision stopped. Alvis told Lara that he found a survivor. It was an elder monk. When he saw Lara he was trying to attack her but Lara with Alvis calmed him down. She asked for forgiveness but the monk couldn't forgive of what she did 10 years ago. Later Zip told Lara that they got another movement here. This is where Amanda got caught by Lara. In the evening Lara was asking Amanda about what is she doing here. Amanda answered that she's here for Lara's uncle. For a couple hours Lara and Amanda were talking to each other inside the ship about their true intentions..."

1st season - 21st episode (Not Friends Anymore)

"Next morning Lara wanted to leave Himalayas along with Alvis, Zip and Amanda. But something happened. Zip told Lara that Amanda escaped the ship. Lara told Zip that she placed a tracker on Amanda while she was captured. She ordered Zip to track her down while Lara herself will be on the way after Amanda. While Lara was searching Amanda through the woods Zip was trying to pin point Amanda's location. When he found her Zip gave Lara Amanda's location. Later Lara reached the location but Amanda attacked her. They were fighting each other hand to hand. In the end of the fight Lara did win the fight. Amanda asked Lara what does she feel after killing a person. Lara wanted to shut Amanda up. Amanda asked Lara about Atlas's whereabouts. Lara answered that she doesn't care about her uncle. But Amanda interrupted her with another question of been here in Himalayas trying to find the truth about herself. Lara told Amanda that it doesn't concerns her. Amanda also told Lara that her father Joseph is alive. She also told Lara about the Queen Elixir that Lara was trying to find. Amanda told Lara that Joseph stole the Tree of Life from Atlas before and keeping it safe from him. She also told that her father is using her to get to Atlas through Lara. Lara said that she doesn't know where Atlas is. Amanda then started to attack Lara with the words that were hurting Lara. Amanda knows Lara isn't just like the rest of the people. Deep inside Lara is dead and all that's left from her was more Atlas's than Richard's. Lara didn't want to listen any word of this. Then Amanda told Lara that she was spying after Lara since she left London. She knows Lara's secret with her trouble split personality. Amanda told Lara that her darkness intoxicating her and when her second personality will gain control, she will reveal her true self. Lara decided to interrupt Amanda by shooting her. She couldn't listen a word anymore. At night Lara along with Alvis and Zip were heading back to London. When Lara entered her cabin she was looking at herself in the mirror. Then she dropped the jacket that she was holding. When Lara grabbed it she looked back at the mirror and noticed that her reflection was standing still. Lara's personality started to collide for real. Then Zip came in to talk with Lara about getting back to London. He mentioned about the consequences that will happen if they come back while been on the run. Next evening when the ship reached London's piers Lara woke up and noticed her uncle in the cabin. She asked him what is he doing here. Atlas answered that he came for her. She wanted to banish him but Atlas reminded her that they still have a job to do by giving her Amelia's photo. While Lara was looking at her mother's photo Atlas told her that he found out where the Tree of Life is been hidden. Atlas told Lara to get her things because they need to move out..."

1st season - 22nd episode (The Tree of Life)

"Next morning Lara met Atlas in the lanes of London. She asked him about how did he found out about the tree's location. Last time she believed it was under the pyramid in Egypt which wasn't there. Atlas answered that there was the Tree of Life before but now it's dead since the devil stole it like it was in the ancient book Alvis shared with Lara before. Atlas reminded Lara a story about the Queen Elixir that he was telling her when she was a child. The tree that they are looking for is copy of the first Tree of Life. Atlas told Lara that he found the seeds once from that first tree. The seeds couldn't bring life for new trees so Atlas found a way to make one seed to give birth of the next Tree of Life. Lara asked her uncle about the lab in Himalayas. Atlas answered that he used that lab for bioengineering. With that help he made a new Tree of Life that was stolen from him by Joseph Evert. And now Atlas wants to get it back. He told Lara that the tree should be in Paris in one of Evert's bank. Lara told Atlas that she will prepare her team for this but Atlas insisted that she needs to go only with him and they don't need a team. He advised her to dress up to be look like a rich client for a cover. Lara asked her uncle if he knew that Joseph is alive. He answered that he started to suspect that since Joseph's daughter Amanda came to London before. Later that day Lara with her uncle Atlas came to Paris. When they reached Evert's bank, Lara's darkside woke up and possessed Lara. Atlas along with his niece were using a cover to enter the bank. Then Lara reminded Atlas that he needs to act too. When their cover was blown they both were having a fight with the security guards. After they made a way through, Atlas found the door to the vault. He opened the door with the security card and then they both came in. There Lara and Atlas found the Tree of Life. Atlas surprised that the tree grew up so fast and already can give the elixir. Lara asked her uncle if this tree is a copy then what are the chances that the elixir will affect the same at it was the original tree. Altas answered that he made the results back in 1995 when he was working with the seeds. Then went the alarm and the shutters of the vault opened so the sun could shine. The fact is the original tree was growing under the sun but this copy of the tree can't survive the sun. Atlas didn't expect that so he decided to hack the shutters. After his success the shutters closed and Atlas's hand got burned but then the skin regenerated. Lara told her uncle that he was smelling a chicken. Then they left the vault to find out who triggered the alarm. It was Joseph Evert. He asked Lara and Atlas to sit down but they both refused. Atlas asked Joseph about the tree that already grew up. Joseph answered that he was examining the tree of it's possibilites. He also told Atlas that he did an upgrade on this tree so it could work just like the original tree. Joseph told Atlas that this is his passion project. While Lara was looking at Joseph her darkside reminded Lara that she was her uncle's puppet after all. Then Lara told Joseph that she killed Amanda. Those words put Joseph in a shock. Atlas was proud of his niece and then called his men to come and retrieve the tree along with it's elixir. Meanwhile Alvis was walking on the streets of London only to be captured by the SWAT troops..."

1st season - 23rd episode (The Inconvenient Truth)

"It's been a couple days since Lara came back to London after what happened in Paris. She was wondering about coming back to Croft Manor to see what's what. Lara decided to go on foot to the Manor. When she reached the woods she met her uncle. He wanted to talk with his niece about what happened back in Paris. Lara asked if Atlas killed Joseph. He answered that he left Joseph alive. Lara was surprised to hear that. She reminded him that obviously he kills people that makes him a murderer. Atlas agreed with that and told Lara that she kills people too so what makes her then. Lara paused for a while then answered that she's still working that out. Atlas wanted to thank Lara after what she did but she didn't care and headed straight to the Manor. When Lara reached the Manor she was knocked out by some people. A few hours later in the middle of the day Lara woke up in the main hall. She was tied up on the chair. Then some of the people behind her introduced Lara to Jacqueline Natla. Lara saw a woman near the fireplace who showed her the wings on the back then Natla turned around and faced Lara. This was the first time where Lara Croft met Jacqueline Natla face to face. Lara asked Natla if she's the one who sent an assassin after her a weeks back here. Natla answered that she just wanted to talk. Natla told Lara that she knew her family a way back before she was even born. She told Lara about her parents Richard and Amelia Croft. She also told about Lara's uncle Atlas de Mornay. Natla revealed a few Atlas's secrets that was hidden from Lara. She told Lara that Atlas didn't find his niece like Richard told him. Richard didn't disappear on May 1985. After Amelia's death Atlas became desperate. He came to Natla to stop Richard with his search of the Queen Elixir. When Richard got so close to the elixir's existence Atlas decided to shoot him. It happened in May 1985 and since then Atlas retrieved the tree's seeds and got his niece to himself. Lara was shocked after what her uncle did to her father. After hearing the inconvenient truth Natla asked Lara to help her and punish Atlas once and for all. Natla told Lara that Atlas is keeping the Queen Elixir's stocks in his tower here in London. Natla ordered Lara to steal it for her. After that she ordered her men to bring Lara in the garage. There Lara faced another woman who had the wings too just like Natla. She turned around and reminded Lara to bring the elixir to Natla then happened the bright light. When Lara woke up she found the ashes of the burned bodies. All hired Natla's people were dead and only Lara was still alive. At that night Lara asked Atlas to meet her. She wanted to hear the truth about her father's death. Atlas pretended that he doesn't understand about what is she saying. Lara took the knife and started stabbing Atlas in the stomach. She stabbed her uncle for a few times and he was shocked that his niece did that to him. But then Atlas stopped Lara and told her that he's not a monster. He told her that everything he's doing serves a purpose. Lara realized that Atlas is immortal thanks to the elixir that he has anyway. There was no doubt about what Natla said to Lara. Atlas is guilty in Richard's death and he had the elixir all this time since 1985. Next day Lara heard from Zip that Alvis was captured before. When she visited Alvis he told her to forget about him. Lara insisted that she wants to help but Alvis refused her help by smiling to her. She told him that she will get Alvis out of here. In the end Lara decided to steal the elixir from her uncle..."

1st season - 24th episode (Heist)

"Next night Lara asked Zip about the situtation in the tower - de Mornay Industries. After some digging up Zip told Lara that Atlas has a strong security in the building. After retreiving the Tree of Life from Paris, Atlas is sure that he will expect an attack. Lara asked Zip to give her the map of the tower. She also told him to find a way to get Alvis out of the cell in the police staion before he will be moved to prison. Later Lara came to de Mornay Industries. She decided to use the hard way - no more sneaking. Zip informed Lara that she needs to be ready for anything after she will start to act. Lara answered that it's a part of their job. She told Zip to focus on getting Alvis out of the cell while Lara will be doing the heist. Lara started with the first floor. She was killing every guard she was facing on her way. Meanwhile Zip found a way to hack Alvis's cell and got him out of there. Then Alvis knocked out the guard there and left the station. When the situation got harder in de Mornay Industries, Lara used the sewer canals to hide. Later Lara got out from the sewers and undressed after she found out that she smelled like s.h.i.t. Then she used the ventilation shaft to get on the 50th floor. According to the map of the tower, Atlas's vault was on that floor. When Lara reached it she found the bowl on the table. Inside that bowl was the Queen Elixir. Lara noticed that the elixir started to tremble and for a moment Lara could see her future if she will drink the elixir. In the end Lara stole the elixir from her uncle Atlas. Next day Lara decided to come back to Croft Manor. Zip informed Lara that Alvis was safe. Inside the Manor Lara found Natla's men who were waiting for her. She was suppossed to give them the elixir but Lara changed her mind and kicked their asses. Lara decided to find some family photos before she will leave the Manor once and for all. She found her mother's letter which was the farewell to her daughter. Lara didn't read that letter before but this became a final drop of her memories. When Atlas found out that Lara stole his elixir's stocks he became desperate. When Natla didn't receive the elixir that Lara was supposed to bring her - she informed the news channel about Lara Croft's actions to make her a fugitive..."

1st season - 25th episode (Becoming a Renegade)

"It's been a week since Lara stole the Queen Elixir from her uncle Atlas and became the most wanted fugitive thanks to Natla's intel. Lara is now wanted for the crimes she comitted: killing Amanda Evert, making a raid in de Mornay Industries. After watching the news Zip was sure that Lara is not the only one the police are looking for. He and Alvis will be added on that list too, it was just a matter of time. One day Alvis asked Lara to come to India to visit the Taj Mahal. When Lara came Alvis told her that this might be their date after all what happened. Lara told Alvis that she's planning to disappear because of the desperate times. Alvis told Lara that not everything's on her. Lara said that she's tired of this and grabbed Alvis's neck. She lifted him up by her hand and choked him to death. Then Lara left the Taj Mahal. When she returned to her ship Zip asked Lara how was the date. Lara told Zip that Alvis is dead then punched Zip almost to death. He was unconscious and Lara decided to get her things including the elixir that she was drinking already for the last week. Lara became immortal and finally surrendered to her darkside. Lara now was starring at the mirror where her reflection told her that she's not a monster. Lara's reflection said the she is and Lara agreed with her. She possessed Lara completely. She advised Lara to keep the elixir to herself and forget Natla along with Atlas. The elixir got Lara stronger and so her darkside that finally possessed Lara. And now she killed her team. After what happened Lara left the ship and disappeared. At night Atlas was invited to Croft Manor where he met Jacqueline Natla and Joseph Evert. He didn't expect that meeting with all three of them in one room. Atlas asked Natla about her involvement in Lara's actions last week. Natla answered that she told Lara the truth that Atlas was hiding. But she didn't expect that Lara will betray Natla too. So they both lost. They also were talking about arresting Richard Croft back in 1975 which was Atlas's plan B. And here Joseph interrupted with the advise that they need to work together to mass produce the trees of life. Atlas asked Natla about this plan. Natla answered that they will need an army for what's coming. Atlas asked Natla about what's coming. She answered that the war is coming and they need to prepare. Next day the police found Zip in the hospital in India. They confirmed that he's the one of Lara Croft's team. The other one Alvis Akari was found dead in the Taj Mahal. A month later in Nepal Atlas was working in a new lab with the seeds of the tree. There was an attack by Egyptian monks. They found out about what Atlas's doing and wanted to stop him. There was a bloodbath between monks and Atlas's guards. In the middle of the fight Atlas met his niece. She was killing monks one by one. Atlas asked her about how did she find this place. Lara only looked with hunger and anger that were inside her. In the morning Lara escaped the battle and then fell down. She realized about she what has done. But it was too late because Lara was possessed by her darkside and she could only see the things outside of her second personality..."

The rest of the videos down below


Meet Atlas

Become a Tomb Raider

Richard Croft

Amelia Croft

Atlas's Past


Preview Teaser Trailer

P.S. In the end of June I'm planning to make Teaser Trailer...

Alex Fly 01-06-18 16:51

I've watched all the videos you have posted and this looks really good I have to say (and it's coming from someone who isn't into this kind of things generally). :tmb:

(May I also suggest to reduce a bit the size of that image at the top of the page? :o)

EDIT: I didn't realize you were a new user. Welcome aboard! :wve:

RedField2012 01-06-18 17:01


Originally Posted by Alex Fly (Post 7891923)
I've watched all the videos you have posted and this looks really good I have to say (and it's coming from someone who isn't into this kind of things generally). :tmb:

(May I also suggest to reduce a bit the size of that image at the top of the page? :o)

EDIT: I didn't realize you were a new user. Welcome aboard! :wve:

Thanks, my friend found this forum & since I began my Lara's Story, I decided to share it here
There is a lot of work but this is not the 1st experience
Same work I did with Fast & Furious series & Resident Evil series
This actress made me realize that she fits perfect for Lara Croft...
I'll do my best to keep this forum informed...
Mine version will be more to Classic series but characters will be close to Reboot series such as Atlas will be as Lara's uncle & mentor altogether instead of Werner Von Croy but this version of Tomb Raider is dark version & reference of Underworld...
For couple months I don't have much I showed but I will add new Trailers, TV Spots & other stuff such as Wallpapers or Posters with Lara Croft & her family tree including Atlas de Mornay, Richard & Amelia Croft & also Lara's boyfriend from Egypt romance...
There is a lot a do but this project might hit in 2020 than in 2019 cause I'm working with something else too which is different project...
I can say for sure that my Story could be in a couple seasons for sure cause this version of Lara I've never imagined but the content allows to make her...

Alex Fly 01-06-18 19:01

Yeah I checked a bit your YouTube account and notice your previous work on Fast & Furious and Resident Evil. It seems people enjoyed them a lot considering your amount of followers, congrats!

When the first video started I was a bit skeptical regarding the choice of this actress to portray Lara but after watching all these videos I think she's perfect. :tmb:

I'm glad to read you'll stay closer of the classic series.
And regarding Lara's future scenes with her boyfriend I hope you won't make these too sentimental.

Looking forward to see more of your project in the future. ;)

RedField2012 01-06-18 19:18


Originally Posted by Alex Fly (Post 7891988)
And regarding Lara's future scenes with her boyfriend I hope you won't make these too sentimental.

Looking forward to see more of your project in the future. ;)

Fast & Furious raised me
Resident Evil not so much but I work for myself - there is no hidden money job for that
Boyfriend is just a distraction here & this weekend I'm planning to make a video about Lara's Lover
Teaser Trailer will be in the end of this month
That actress just made me like her so I just fell in love with her & that's why I bonded to make it...

RedField2012 02-06-18 22:20

Lara's Lover

ANoDE 03-06-18 14:08

Looks very interesting! :tmb:

RedField2012 03-06-18 14:12


Originally Posted by ANoDE (Post 7892771)
Looks very interesting! :tmb:


Alex Fly 04-06-18 09:47

This latest video looks good too! :tmb:

RedField2012 04-06-18 11:43


Originally Posted by Alex Fly (Post 7893099)
This latest video looks good too! :tmb:

I appreciate it:)

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