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CroftManiac05 03-05-19 15:02


Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider (Post 8084114)
It felt so boring, and I didnít know what to do.

I'm not the only one who felt that way it seems.
I just couldn't care about the story, Lara and the rest of the characters.
The game also lacks colour and well... life.

Putting those aside, Baba Yaga and Blood Ties are definitely worth playing, and Rise as a whole is far superior to TR2013.

pharaea 03-05-19 16:17

I loathed 2013 and adored Rise. The story is meh, but I'm a sucker for byzantine art and the tombs are beyond beautiful. way prettier than shadow.

Saphyre 03-05-19 16:49

As someone who loved the classics, but also likes the reboot (yes, we exist hahaha) I'd say Rise is an improvement on 2013 in a lot of ways.

2013, whilst a good game, felt so far removed from what Tomb Raider was when it was initially conceived. It felt like an attempt at being the next big survival horror game, rather than an action-adventure game. To me, Rise turned it's back on some of the survival horror elements (there's considerably less gratuitous gore and torture in comparison to 2013), and brought back the wonder and spectacle of discovering tombs and forgotten places.

The game itself, plays the same as 2013 for the most part. If your gripes with 2013 were centered solely around the game play, Rise won't do anything to change your perspective. However, if like me your main gripes with 2013 were based around the atmosphere and tone, Rise may present a small shift in the opposite direction - one you may appreciate. The character of Lara still remains questionable (if you're looking for a Lara that's in a similar vein to the classics, you'll be disappointed), so don't take the 'Rise' part of the title too literally - there's no rising here.

Looking ahead to Shadow, I'd say that it's the most 'tomb raider-y' out of the three - at least environment/atmosphere wise. It's also a very frustrating game - in the sense that it's the closest thing we've had to a conventional Tomb Raider experience in years, but it falls short on a fair few things, making it miss the mark.

Hope this helps, but ultimately, you should definitely try it out and form your own opinion.

Costel 03-05-19 17:12


Originally Posted by Samz (Post 8084139)
IF you are and you're getting a version that has the Croft Manor DLC Blood Ties, do that ASAP.

Its the only good bit as it has proper adventure-game having-to-write-stuff down puzzles.

Not worth the price of a full game that has none of those puzzles in the main game but its definitely the only good bit IMO.


To me it is just reading documents simulator.

Yunaīs Wish 03-05-19 18:50

@dg1995: If puzzles are an important aspect to you, Rise should please you there.

I honestly prefer TR2013. And by that logic, if you were like me, I wouldn't recommend it. But you are you and I am I :p

Nobody can quite tell you if you'll enjoy it. Perhaps you can rent it and try it.

Samz 03-05-19 20:36


Originally Posted by Costel (Post 8084199)

To me it is just reading documents simulator.


I loved translating the Hieroglyphs personally.

JsotoTRSaga 03-05-19 21:58

I have to be honest and I can only speak for myself, I really don't find Rise easy to recommend to a fellow TR fan... the casual UC and COD fan though.... now that's another matter. Fans of shootemups will basically love the hell out of ROTTR. However with TR fans it is subjective. I don't think you will lose much by trying it out, IMo you probably should, it is way better than TR13 as an attempt for a TR game, though as a game I believe TR13 is superior.

Shadow is the obvious winner of the trilogy and even that has issues.

Yeauxleaux 04-05-19 04:07

Depends what exactly you disliked about 2013. If you absolutely hated 2013 across the board then you will not like Rise.

If you disliked it because, as you said, it's basically a third person shooter, then Rise is somewhat of an improvement. I hated that about 2013 as well. In Rise there are still plenty of blazing gunfights, but I find it's not so irritatingly constant. There's nothing like the Shanty Town segment of 2013 from what I remember.

There's somewhat expanded platforming and puzzle elements, some of which I found quite enjoyable, but nothing mindblowing.

Story-wise, it is worse than 2013. Lara's character development has regressed to a lesser state than it was at the end of 2013, and it absolutely stays there for the entire game (and the entirety of Shadow too, although Shadow has the best gameplay of the 3 games overall).

iWANEX 04-05-19 19:27

Based on your opinion that TR2013 is not a true TR game, I would just play Shadow and skip Rise. I feel like with Shadow you'll be a little bit more open to the reboot in general. Rise won't change your mind but I know some people who didn't like the first 2 and loved Shadow. It's also one of the games with the most amount of tombs/puzzles and there's definitely less shooting, so I bet Shadow is more your style of TR game.

Hazelphoenix 05-05-19 13:27


Originally Posted by dg1995 (Post 8084035)
TR 2013 for me wasn't a true TR game. That game was a 3rd person cover shooter with optional stealth, set pieces , QTEs with minimal platforming and no puzzles(booby traps, tombs).

Is Rise worth it for me ?

Hey there.

As a fellow TR fan that wasnít satisfied with the reboot and didnít consider it a proper TR game for my standards (just like you), I strongly recommend to play Shadow at some point. Itís probably the closest we can get to a modern TR experience with a good balance of old and new elements. Plenty of exploration in jungles, ancient temples, lots of puzzles and deadly traps (mostly in the DLCs to be fair). The overall vibe is also much more akin to that of a classic TR game so thereís that. It still has some of the things that you listed above so thereís no guarantee that youíre gonna enjoy it. Might as well give it a try and judge for yourself.

As for Rise, I personally felt that it barely improved upon certain aspects - the challenge tombs and slightly more exploration - and felt like a regression in other circumstances, namely the storyline, Laraís characterization and the overall tone. Thatís just me though.
The game still plays very much like its predecessor as it retained the same gameplay formula - all three, Shadow included. The difference is that the action is slightly toned down to leave room for more puzzle solving game after game, even though the biggest leap in this regard would probably be from Rise to Shadow.

That being said, Iíd still recommend buying it and trying it first-hand. People can give your their opinions but at the end of the day it comes down to personal preferences, as you can clearly see for yourself looking at the variety of the replies you got. Despite what anyone might think, Rise remains a polished game with a high production value so itís worth spending 15-20Ä/$/£ on it.

Tl;dr: buy them all at some point, wait Ďtil the go on sale or get a second-hand copy, thereís plenty of options if you donít want to spend lots of money on them :)

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