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TR1249 12-03-20 18:04

Parkour plattforming for TR12
My idea would be a more parkour-ish plattforming. I feel like it would be more like the classics in case of jump distance and building up momentum.

Been thinking about Games like Mirror's Edge and Dying Light. Games where you have to time your jumps and build up speed and still being able to grab everything.

And before all hell breaks lose in Mean Girls Style, I won't tolerate any posts with "I want tank controls a la Classics back". I will mass report you, idc :p This is not about them ;)

Have fun <3

Tomb Raidering 12-03-20 18:16

I want Relic Run—type of parkours, tbh.

paulojr_mam 13-03-20 12:14

Parkour would be fine, if the gameplay was allowed to actually be there and not just pretend like now. Lara could even have more style to her parkour moves, adding unnecessary fluff (acrobatics!).

heyitsalexxd 13-03-20 21:51

Only if done well and if it requires a certain degree of skill. I'd appreciate mechanics that have a similar sense of "I did that" that Mirror's Edge and Core Tomb Raider games had while also having the player plan ahead; the way you executed a platforming segment was something which often resulted in either life or death in the classics.

The more intentional control we have in terms of precision, the more empowered the player will feel in their outcome, parkour or not.

charmedangelin 20-03-20 07:29

Platforming should take inspiration from 3D Mario as that has a lot of what classic platforming had. Parkour would be an interesting spin on the idea, but I'm not sure how much curves they can throw the player with parkour.

Raider8 20-03-20 17:44

If i look back at all TR games, Lara's moves in TR Underworld were acrobatic as well as Pretty much parkour-ish which i really liked. The way she'd run and smoothly vault over some objects or do a 360 when climbing on low edges or perform a roll when walking on narrow beams. All of it was cool n kinda badass. But i don't expect this reboot mommy daddy lara doing any of those things in the Next game.

Zebra 21-03-20 19:32

I've been saying that they should use Mirror's Edge as inspiration for modern Tomb Raider for ages. The original Mirror's Edge was more of a Tomb Raider game than any of Crystal's attempts at the franchise TBH.

On a sidenote, Core's Anniversary Edition actually made Lara's moveset look a lot more Parkour-esque (almost certainly owed to the fact that Core had worked on a Parkour-themed game before starting development on TRAE). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khwQmpnV9w0

ActuallyArlow 21-03-20 21:24

I love parkour in games so yes I would be open to the idea.

SoraSakai 25-03-20 23:25

As a wise Lara once said:


Chamayoo 25-03-20 23:29


Originally Posted by SoraSakai (Post 8180753)
As a wise Lara once said:


:0 Why not ?

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