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dizzydoil 20-03-11 13:43

XNALara Help & Resources
note: rules are strictly enforced and thus every member @
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read the rules here.



DOWNLOAD: download the main program, additional content and more.
download the main program. download individual data packs. download the utilities.

xnalara is srs bsns ―― xnalara is srs bsns




Welcome to XNALara. Getting started? Let's get going then shall we.

Since downloading the program from the above link and a Lara (or similar) model to go with it you'll need to know what you do with both of them. First you need to launch XNALara using the XNALara.exe application. A window similar to the one straight above will appear, accompanied by the image above that one. You'll notice both seem rather empty. That's because we haven't loaded anything yet. The model you downloaded needs to have its own data folder in XNALara\data. Like shown here:


Once that is complete you need to navigate to the File > Add model(s) option. Here a list should appear complete with the models located in the data folder. Select your model of Lara (or similar) and click OK. She will load.

Aha! Now we're getting somewhere.

You'll notice a selection of bone-names, and the once greyed out areas are now available to play with. Either select Lara's bones from the 3D window or from the list and use the X/Y/Z axis bars to pose her how you wish. I'd like to take this time to remind you of the rules on this forum in respect to poses:


Sexually suggestive or vulgar poses and gestures are also not allowed, whether or not the character doing them is fully clothed.
Once you have posed Lara as you wish, complete with accessories available from the Options menu, or not you're ready to play with the in-editor editing system. To access this you need to navigate to Options menu and select Lighting parameters... or Post-processing parameters... to edit and alter your image to be something special. Play around with the parameters in these sections and study them for the best effects.

You're done? Great. Let's get your image saved and uploaded shall we?

Open File > Save image... and observe the options available. You will notice image size: %%, render alpha channel and render logo. It's best to understand what each of these mean before you swan-dive in the deep-end.

Image size is an important factor on how large or small you want to render the image. 100% is reasonable enough, but you can render upto 1000%. Caution however, rendering large amounts at a time can cause lag and may crash.

Rendering the alpha channel completely ignores the background colour and renders it transparent to be used in external programs such as Photoshop, where you can lay Lara or similar over a pre-made background.

Rendering the logo acts almost like a water-mark. It sticks a small XNALara logo with a soft white glow behind it in the bottom right corner of your image.

Once you have saved your image you'll need someplace to upload it. Here is a selection of various image hosting websites: dropbox, filesmelt, tinypic, uppix, cubeupload, spamtheweb, imgur, deviantart.



It doesn't stop there though. That's the bare-bones.

XNALara is so much more.


daventry 20-03-11 13:54

Awsome, thanks for this :hug::hug::hug:

Make sure you Bold the word Credit and make it 3 Times its size, theres a Reason why AtlantiB and XNAaral left us for good. Just One Slip Up for Not Crediting the Author, i'd run if i were you. :o:p

robbie_rawr 20-03-11 13:54

Lovely and clean!

Billy959 20-03-11 13:57

amazing thread!
it's very organized.

I love the banner on the top of the page:jmp:

LCEF (CA) 20-03-11 13:58

Thanks for this :hug:

Can I translate English XNA Lara manual to French ?

Mrs_Bean 20-03-11 14:00

Brilliant work dizzay! Thank you for adding my tutorials there. :hug:

XNALara is srs bsns. ..
:vlol: I was wondering if you're going to mention this srs problem.

PabloPicasso 20-03-11 14:00

Nice work Dizzy! Glad you took this up :)

Mytly 20-03-11 14:02

Excellent! :tmb: Stickied.

sn00p 20-03-11 16:59

The whole thing with Credits is really overrated here, everyone wanna see his/her name somewhere.

When you create something from 0 then you can request FULL CREDITS but if you didn't and you modded it just a bit take it slow with the CREDITS, that model is not yours, your just a small part of it who edited it a bit. I don't wanna start another war/flaming etc how you wanna call it fight just keep that in mind. Saw some works with some models that I shared long time ago and so on but no credits, and I don't complain cause mostly I don't care and I don't cry cause I don't see my name there and there.

Are necessary yes but the whole thing is getting out of hand here, first of ALL CREDIT THE DEV's/PUBLISHER. Not that crediting will mean something but still, to be there. Instead of 231243 names on credit list you can say something like this " Credits to the other users from TRF forums who modded it " but no, we need like hundred of names.

You can bash me I don't care, it's my pov in this case and it's really sad to see what happens. Soz for the grammar errors but Im really tired -_-

zipper 20-03-11 17:15


Originally Posted by Mrs_Bean (Post 5283131)
Brilliant work dizzay! Thank you for adding my tutorials there. :hug:

:vlol: I was wondering if you're going to mention this srs problem.

hell yes itś brilliant! :tmb: and very funny at the same time! :vlol:
srrrrrrrrrrrsssssrs bbbbbbbbbsssssssssnnnnnnssss!!! :vlol: :cln: :vlol: :cln: :D it' s fun! :jmp:

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