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H4RR7H 23-04-16 10:17

The Tomb Raider Suite Project etc. Thread
Three musically dedicated things have come out of the 20th Tomb Raider anniversary PAX East panel yesterday:
1) Nathan McCree is re-recording and releasing the original Tomb Raider I-III soundtracks (classic tracks + extensions and variations) for the first time in the history of the franchise for purchase on CD and digital download formats. McCree has often expressed that he was limited by the technology of the times and is glad we'll "hear the music as [he] had always intended it".

2) A concert in London is being organised to accompany this release and commemorate the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider I. This concert as well as the production of the album(s) is to be covered in a documentary entitled Tomb Raider: Remastered.
The above two announcements constitute the The Tomb Raider Suite project.
3) An undisclosed collection of Tomb Raider composers have been interviewed for Meagan Marie's "20 years of Tomb Raider" hardback. Peter Connelly has confirmed his appearance.
I've searched the forums first and think this topic deserves it's own thread! I think this is all kinds of excellent and would like to keep this thread open for relevant discussion :tmb: I'll also be covering via MoTR

Official site
Kickstarter Campaign

Laralicious 23-04-16 12:39

I am super excited for this project! I am so pleased that Nathan and Peter are being involved in the 20th anni celebrations. Just imagine some of TR1's Greece soundtrack being performed by a famous orchestra! (London symphony orchestra?) Or even something a little more light hearted from TR3!

I hope that the documentary that he is also producing will be available as a physical format also.

NoahCrofRaider 23-04-16 12:53

I'm hyped to hear the TR1 soundtrack remastered with a live orchestra! I really want to hear Lara's Theme/Tomb Raider Theme because I'm sure that it would sound very grand. :D

Tombraiderplay 23-04-16 12:55

That's Really cool :) cant way to buy them :)

Tombraiderplay 23-04-16 12:56

Sorry for the double post ( bad internet )

Enya Brennan 23-04-16 13:08

The moment where I'll be able to hear Vertigo performed by an orchestra, I'll achieve enlightenment! This is too good to be true...

Shakira Croft 23-04-16 13:18

^ Same for Venice Violins :jmp:

Enya Brennan 23-04-16 13:35


Originally Posted by Shakira Croft (Post 7570611)
^ Same for Venice Violins :jmp:

And TRIII's main theme, and The Puzzle Element, and No Waiting Around, and everything! :jmp: This is going to be huge!

James_Rutland 23-04-16 14:12

I can't wait to hear TR3's soundtrack :D:D:D

tomekkobialka 23-04-16 14:28

Bring on the epicness! :cool:

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