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Eycore 16-09-19 22:13

Yeah unfortunately the second dart can only be skipped with a jump. I think it has to do with it being the only one that is level, while the others are sloped.

fallenangle 16-09-19 22:43

That dart area I'd forgotten about and caused me some issues too. It is really a question of your start position on the grabable edge. If you start from the wrong position you can get past the first dart OK but you may then be set up wrongly to have enough time to shimmy past the others. There's nothing you can really do about it except restart.

It was a bit of a lottery and I think I must have triggered that save glitch for the last dart because I thought there were only three.

Thanks for that Obelisk Of Khamoon YT video - that is exactly what I was trying to do but obviously did not find the sweet spot which would trigger the secret but allow you to land in the water.

Interesting no damage run too; with glitches, not all secrets and using more powerful weapons avoids a lot of the difficult places and enemy encounters. For instance in the Tomb Of Tichocan you can't pick Pierre off fast enough for him not to close and shoot Lara. I had to go up on the balcony and plink him carefully from there.

There was also some help from the game in that after a certain amount of damage he started trying to run into the next room and as the door is locked actually got stuck there and easily finished off.

I do not understand that drop into Scion room. Is it a glitch requiring Lara to be in a certain position on the collapsing floor? If so, again, that is just what I tried and never found the sweet spot so accepted the damage.

All useful info and entertaining too. Should help others who want to try these sorts of challenges.

Eycore 16-09-19 23:06

I'll do all secrets with glitches next, and then i'll try the glitchless way with minimum damage.

Ah yes when Pierre runs into the tomb, that is hilarious. Pierre is probably the most frustrating part of this challenge. :D

While on top of the collapsing floor, just sidestep and she will teleport to the bottom. Position doesn't matter, as long as you are doing the sidestep animation when the floor collapses, it should work.

fallenangle 17-09-19 00:09

Ah-ha so sidestepping is the trick. I'll have to remember that -thanks for the tip.


Just went back to the Obelisk Of Khamoon and blow me down if I didn't trigger that secret on the second pillar on my very first attempt without even referencing that YT video again.

Eycore 30-10-19 19:31

Just a little update, we have found that no damage is possible in other games too.

  • Unfinished Business (with glitches if collecting all secrets)
  • Tomb Raider 2 (on mobile)
    - With roll you can glide in the air, and drop into the pool at the start of Wreck of the Maria Doria
  • Golden Mask (without glitches)
  • Tomb Raider 3 (New Game +)
    - Can skip south pacific in NG+, and there are glitches to avoid the forced damage in Temple Ruins and RX Tech Mines
  • Lost Artefact (without glitches)

Neo_v23 05-11-19 14:21

I haven't explored yet TR3 that much, but in TR2 aren't there more times that you're forced to take damage? In Wreck of the Maria Doria, falling on top of the boat in the drained room and in Catacombs of the Talion the fall in the first big area.

By the way, these no damage runs seem very interesting. We should start a thread exploring all the TR games on this area.

fallenangle 06-11-19 13:52

There's a cheat/bug for getting on the dingy on the 'lake' in TR2 but as I recall it I couldn't find a way, legitimate or otherwise, of not getting damage when dropping onto the boat in the drained room ^.

That's one place where I accepted damage, like that earlier slide/collapsing floor when entering the Wreck of the Maria Doria (PC).

Eycore 19-11-19 15:17

That would be a great idea, i'm addicted to no damage currently and it would be nice to share strats :D

The drained room does look impossible with or without glitches. You can pickup the secrets and then backtrack to the engine room and use a QWOP or item embed to get up.


For catacombs, we can again use a QWOP or a dive bug to get down without taking damage. Here are examples.


Dive bug

Neo_v23 20-11-19 10:30

Wow! This QWOP is such a useful technique. I've never used it, so i don't know it's capabilities, to think and test it on areas with forced damage for possible avoidance.

This "no damage" category seems way easier when played glichless...you just go casual ways and accept the unavoidable damage. I myself have done it glitchless TR1 and almost completed TR2, with the only speciality that i complete the game 100% (all kills, pickups, etc.), to make it more challenging. But as i said, i saw unavoidable fall damage at Catacombs of the Talion, and i didn't think twice. I fell.

It would be cool to share strats yeah, but i'm a total noobie at glitches, so i don't think i have any knowledge to offer that you already don't know :ponder:

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