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tombraiderxii 10-07-19 01:47

thanks everyone <3

I havent been this motivated in a long time haha :D

I'm just scared to do the proper underwater sections. I might delegate them to caverns deep underwater caves connected by the labs.

TRExpertgamer 10-07-19 03:09


Originally Posted by Tombraider95 (Post 8106527)
If it was a 20x20x20 or One Room Challenge, I probably would have entered, but I don't have enough time to build another level at the moment :cry: Maybe next time! Looking forward to seeing what people build though!

You're so jealous about it!! :ton::vlol:

AgentXP 10-07-19 14:53


Originally Posted by DaroRaider (Post 8107905)
I have a level prototype of 5 minutes of gameplay which is inconcluse, is it possible to go on working on it for joining the competition? :confused:

If it's only five minutes worth, so around the amount you could have built in real-time since the competition began, and it fits the classic rules, that should be fine. :tmb:

Baslakor 10-07-19 23:28

I am searching for TR1 (specifically Egypt) doors and items like the ankh, scarab, etc.

EDIT: nevermind, found them here. http://driber.net/trlefaq/gm/trwads.html

disapearing-boy 12-07-19 14:55

Another WIP object - I gave much needed legs to this Statue from the Title Wad. The legs were scaled up from the statue of Horus in the final level.:)


The legs came out too bright - not sure what's causing that. Anyways he's too tall - I have to split the object.

Raider99 12-07-19 20:07

Ooh I might give it a try. :D I don't have a specific setting, but it's supposed to be a mix of Nevada base levels, rig levels, underwater, something partially inspired by Bioshock's Rapture. :p (just the atmosphere, no way I can recreate a city for this) I'll see how it goes... :ponder: Doing some kind of "splicers" in style of classic games could be tricky tho. :titaklikestocreate: In case I go crazy and way beyond competition's rules, I'll just keep it for something else. :vlol:

EDIT: In short, as I envisioned it, it's meant to be an underwater research labs complex where some experiments went horribly wrong.

croftyboy 12-07-19 21:07

I don't know if I can finish it but still, I am going to try! I am thinking about building a TR3 India style level.

Baslakor 13-07-19 01:57


Originally Posted by Raider99 (Post 8108950)
Ooh I might give it a try. :D I don't have a specific setting

That does sound very, very specific though! :ton:

Erikku 13-07-19 14:09

The screenshots in this thread are pure eyecandy :cln:
I remember the first create a classic competition and it was amazing!
Sadly I can't participate this time, but good luck everyone and have fun!

noonbob 14-07-19 08:01

All these projects looking great! I love this Classic theme.


Originally Posted by Feder (Post 8107443)
First area completed :D


Still haven't decided what type of enemies to put :ponder: RX-Tech guys or mutants? ... or both :mis:

I absolutely love your levels Feder, can not wait for this to release ;)

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