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Yuna´s Wish 04-05-12 19:44

^ Same here! :)

igonge 09-05-12 19:33

So, the Snow, Lightning and costumes and stuff are all out next week at the same time. :D

Also, if you've not got XIII-2 yet, Shopto.net are selling the PS3 version for £13.85 and the 360 version for £12.85 on sale. Nifty deal if you ask me :tmb:

Hyper_Crazy 09-05-12 19:35

They need to stop with the costumes, although the black/white mage ones are quite snazzy.
Can't wait for Lightning DLC. I bet it turns out to be like 10 minutes long or something zzzz.

Snazabaz 09-05-12 20:16

I would agree about the costumes, since when was FF about outfits? Bleh.
Anyway, I think I'll wait to see what everyone else thinks of the Lightning DLC before I buy it... If it's just a fight and a couple of cutscenes then that's totally meh :/

igonge 09-05-12 20:18


Originally Posted by Hyper_Crazy (Post 6159334)
Can't wait for Lightning DLC. I bet it turns out to be like 10 minutes long or something zzzz.

I don't give two ****s if it turns out to be 10 minutes long, you get to use Lightning in her armour in your party afterwards :D

Hyper_Crazy 09-05-12 20:34

I spose that's something us Lightning fan boys will enjoy.

Any idea what Lightning will join as? I know in her scenario she has different classes such as Shaman - Ravager, but we'll probably get her as a Commando.
If they make a XIII-3 I bet this will be part of the new battle system, it's like an updated job system.

ultima espio 09-05-12 20:50

The date is May 15th if anyone wants to know :p

Well...my 360 points are going to take a serious hit next week :vlol:

Yuna´s Wish 09-05-12 22:15

What if Goddess Warrior Lightning was something beyond a mere monster crystal? What if she was A FULLY CONTROLLABLE PARTY MEMBER? :p Wouldn't you die of joy? :D

I am so getting Snow's and Light's DLCs as soon as I see them on PSN.

ultima espio 10-05-12 14:52

Hope's done :p

Doesn't look that impressive...but eh :p


No matter what I do...she still looks like Tifa :p

Cristina 10-05-12 16:07

I was thinking about rinoa:p,maybe because she has blue and black in her,also Fang has blue eyes :)

the first one is incredible well done :D

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