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Vinkula 11-09-20 23:19

I had NO idea what I was doing when I was battling that damn house :vlol: I beat it by sheer dumb luck.

Lord Lulu 12-09-20 00:12

I would say it is not that hard. But I have yet to play the remake.
Maybe I will get to play it in 2030. The whole game should be out by then.:hea:

SnatchingEdges 14-09-20 17:36

FFXVI is rumoured to be announced on Wed.

It is also rumoured to be part of the FFXIV's world. That would be a great idea to take the single players fans interested in FFXIV and vice versa. They also wanted to make a medieval FF and I think FFXIV with the huge fanbase is the right opportunity.


Yuna´s Wish 14-09-20 18:55

I don't know how I'd feel about another adventure in Eorzea -assuming we are in the same timeline, same places, and with little to no changes in the world's locations-.

Also, Eorzea shines brightly because of its MMO gameplay style. I'm not saying it can't work as an ordinary single player adventure, but I can't picture it just yet.

I believe XVI would be subject of unfavourable comparisons, with XIV being a superior product...and with all being Square's fault for making a decision that would inevitably lead to these comparisons. Unless it's a great game on its own, but how likely is that? :p

SnatchingEdges 14-09-20 19:35

I doubt that will happen. FFTactics and FFXII share the same world and I haven't seen any comparison. Yup, people have trashed FFXII in the past but none of the criticism came from sharing the world with a previous acclaimed game (and also those which came after, like Revenant Wings or FFTA2).

Yuna´s Wish 14-09-20 20:10

Way too different means of depicting the world. Here it'd be 3D vs 3D, just to point the most basic comparison point. And they are both games that can stand on their own two feet. While here it'd be XVI trying to emulate its bigger brother's success. Maybe. Still rumors anyway, aren't they? :p

But hopefully you're right, of course.

SnatchingEdges 14-09-20 20:14

Well, you're right. I have hope though, which is something I haven't had for SE in a long time.

SnatchingEdges 16-09-20 17:11

Manifesting FFXVI and FF13 Remastered

Chamayoo 16-09-20 20:07

Well there it is ! Playstation exclusive as well. :o

Mikky 16-09-20 20:22

I had absolutely no idea what was happening in that trailer but it did look nice :p I thought it was going to be another online FF for a minute; the character models certainly give that impression. Well, it still could be I guess? I'm sure we'll find out soon. It's just the gameplay and the story give the impression of a single player game. Then again, these days any game can be a mix of both.

It's all very different, that's for sure. I'm really interested to see more.

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