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PureSilence 21-12-08 10:34

Yea that is true, they push them back because they want them to be perfect I suppose.
KH3 is one of the games that will be held back for a very long time I just know it. >.>

trXD 21-12-08 11:04

4 new scans which include battle gameplay released:

Am i the only one thinking vanilla will turn out to be evil? Or at least double cross lightning and snow in some way. Something just seems that way about her...

Like in the last scan, the bottom two pictures. It seems like she is looking up at something evil she has caused (like unleashing a monster or causing a battle of some sort) with a smirk on her face, and lightening is giving her the "you b****" face.

RAID 21-12-08 11:28

Is there any news on the battle system of 13 and versus 13?

I hope it's not like 12, but still real time. A little more action packed and button smashing. Dissidia looks like it has thats system, which is why I wanna try it.

Supernova 21-12-08 11:28

I just hope FFXIII isn't so battle heavy as FFXII.

RAID 21-12-08 11:34


Originally Posted by Supernova (Post 3327844)
I just hope FFXIII isn't so battle heavy as FFXII.

Yeah. Monsters were never ending.

XII's system was too restrictive and limited. Especially the Gambit system. You have to buy the AI or find it almost at the end of the game? How awful.

Flyin11 21-12-08 16:40

WOW Graphics are looking great as usual!! :cln: :cln: A lot of people were saying that they wouldn't and that they just looked that way in the trailer cause it was all CGI and not gameplay but those look as good to me as the trailers! Final Fantasy has always had great graphical detail...Just can't believe we have to wait another year :(

*laralover* 21-12-08 19:24

Wow nice scans thanks :D The battle system seems to be like FF12 which is good i guese i just hope its better like you see enemies on the field but then it goes turn based rather than aiming then watching the character hit the enemie or somthing...and i see battle chain again lol The graphics are looking awesome though but thats expected :D Just hope it has a good story/character interaction.

Minty Mouth 22-12-08 14:35

She's called Vanilla?


Yuna´s Wish 22-12-08 14:42

Oerba Dia Vanille apparently... :p

How the hell do you pronounce "Oerba" without making it sound awful?? :o

Tomb Raider 5194 22-12-08 14:44

Great scans! I think she is just in awe since I think she is a prisoner of sorts at that part of the game.


Originally Posted by Minty Mouth (Post 3330500)
She's called Vanilla?


I think her name is Sarah but I'm not so sure. :pi:

EDIT: Nope its Vanilla XD

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