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Delca 22-09-20 22:55

Legend 15th Anniversary Project

SrDanielPonces 22-09-20 23:15

omg are you kidding me omg, it looks so good!

Delca 22-09-20 23:29


Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces (Post 8241327)
omg are you kidding me omg, it looks so good!

Thank youuu :)

Lwmte 22-09-20 23:29

Wow, this is completely insane, visuals are stunning!
Keep up the good work!

klona 22-09-20 23:36

One wouldnt even think it's TRLE at first glance! :eek:
Awesome work! :tmb:

_TombExplorer_ 22-09-20 23:43

This is outstanding :jmp:

Chamayoo 23-09-20 00:05


This is so loyal, and really closed to PS2 capacities, I'm impressed !

.snake. 23-09-20 00:17

Beautiful!!! :yik::yik:

Delca 23-09-20 01:44

Thank you everyone for all your kind comments :innocent:

My idea is to make the levels a little bit more challenging and less linear than they were in TRL. The original game has a lot of big areas but it lacks of puzzles, keys, and things like that.
I'm currently working on Nepal, I will share more about this in the next weeks! :)

vandit 23-09-20 02:30

WOW, this is remarkable!!! :admles: Very impressive. :wve:

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