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troy tr 19-09-07 07:00

I think you can edit your title the first 15 minutes. After that you can't do it.

in these arms 19-09-07 07:06

I knew that for ages. I needed to edit a title up in TR4 section, I tried a second time and it didn't show up to edit it again, so for me, it only works once per thread you make.

Little-Lara 19-09-07 07:19

Its not working for me... So we can edit in the first 15 minutes after the thread has been created?

george_croft 19-09-07 07:47

I do that all the time ;)
Your able to edit your thread name within the first minute, just like your able to edit your post without it saying its edited! :)

All you have to do is double click it! :wve:

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