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Earthcane 03-05-08 16:02

It's funny you should mention excalibur, the design looks the least Medieval sword-like design i've ever seen :p

But I agree with a somewhat Egptian scimitar connection. And yes, Moon Gods are an intersting point to raise.

@ Drone: Even though we are no further to the truth behind Natla- does it matter? we know that she was a co-ruler of Atlantis, and that she was a power-hungry megalomaniac etc, but I think the chances of CD diving deeper into her history are slim at the mo what with TRU.

It would be a fan's dream to see the Atlanteans and the Nephilim connected in someway in a future storyline.

aussie500 03-05-08 16:06


Originally Posted by Drone (Post 2680736)
^ I agree with you :) Personally I wouldn't mind to connect tr1 with aod
Actually both games storylines incomplete. We still know nothing about Natla

Rewritting the original story is hardly connecting them, Both Eckhardt and Natla escape in 1945, both try and bring back an ancient race in order to rule the world. True the fallen angels are connected with Atlantis, but in the Tomb Raider world so is a certain blonde, they got rid of Natla!

Earthcane 03-05-08 16:19

Just to get away form the Neverending question of an Atlantean/Nephilim connec tion here for a mo, I just want to discus that Purple Nephilim picture, the last high-res one.
So, why does he seem to be emitting a purple, lurid, neon-esque glow? :confused:

aussie500 03-05-08 16:24

l believe he is on fire, the crystalline version was l think better, the smoke is possibly similar to the water flowing from the dress of the female when she was younger/renewed. Either its a painting representing them or it mysteriously disappears when it get so far away from them, l cannot imaging the place flooding everytime she walked by, or everyone coughing with the smoke. Perhaps it is an illusion?

Earthcane 03-05-08 16:27

An illusion? Maybe. Firse and heat-haze? Interesting.
His musculature looks similar to that of the atlanteans- notable with the absence of skin tissue.
When i first saw the picture, I have to say he freaked me out a bit.

How about the 'Regal' looking Nephilim? The colorful dude? He's really a talking point here.
Why do you think the concept is 'Kingly'?

aussie500 04-05-08 11:23

There was a surprise in the harpy type concept, it would seem to me she was not born that way, but made that way, perhaps an early idea for one of Boaz's creations?


This character was perhaps the paperboy, The Kid in TRA reminds me a bit of this concept. Mind you the face looks like Kurtis, wonder what the Kurtis fans would have thought if he had turned out like this.


Drone 04-05-08 12:37

aah it's that guy Lara talked to him b4 she saw Janice

aussie500 04-05-08 13:07

Most likely, forgot all about him. Still say he looks like Kurtis though, Lara shaved that horrible hair off, got him bigger shoes, a sexier top and an ear ring. :p

Aurimas 04-05-08 13:08

That guy totaly reminds me Kid from TRA, when I saw this concept I thought that it is concept of him...

Drone 04-05-08 13:08

+ French accent ;) and tats

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