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NightWish 08-05-08 10:24

lol dont you think thi s is too deep convo AND A TOO WEIRD ONE TOO ?:P

aussie500 08-05-08 17:31

Weird yes, nothing to do with concepts perhaps, but since we do not know how deep the river Styx actually is how can it be to deep? Mind you it would be funny to find out after ferrying the dead across for eternity that Charon cannot actually swim!






Drone 08-05-08 17:35

last three sketches from aod c/a? Looks like a TRU or that ugly sweater from trl

aussie500 08-05-08 17:37

Well Lara is English, why would she not wear a jumper occasionally? It was after all snowing in Prague.

Drone 08-05-08 17:39

didn't get that. Only English wear the sweaters?

Meh we could see all that in aod2 and shorts

aussie500 08-05-08 17:42

No lots of people where them all over the world, what part of the world are you from that it would be so unusual to where one if it was cold. :mis:

rowanlim 08-05-08 17:43

I have to say, Lara looks sexy in that ;)

Drone 08-05-08 17:47

perhaps Lara would wear warm coat in Germany levels, and her usual outfit (shorts) in Turkey

NightWish 08-05-08 19:03

Only teh last 2 consept look good-ish - the rest lara consept lookpathetic. I think i can do a better job :p :p :p *is modest*

Zebra 08-05-08 19:06

I really like the third and the last one.
Thanks, aussie :tmb:!

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