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Heisenberg 31-05-19 13:12

Any E3 expectations?
Clearly SE will be there to promote new stuff. Avenger game which I'm clearly boycotting due to my Shadow of the Tomb Raider experience but seeing as this remastered thing has been a thing lately, I think that maybe CD Northwest may recreate or remaster the first 3 Classic games. No new TR in my opinion.

What about you?

biscuits 31-05-19 13:14

Nope. I'd love a Classic remaster or remake announcement but to me it's nothing but a pipe dream.

I think it's going to be completely Marvel focused.

jajay119 31-05-19 13:17

I don't believe we will see anything at E3 this year with regards to TR. Shadow's promo is only just wrapping up and any sort of GOTY/ Definitive edition is not E3 news worthy imo. I don't imagine any remakes of classic games nor Lara Croft games coming either. I have a strange sensation they don't want to mix classic and reboot Lara's at the moment possibly due to not knowing what we they want to take the character and the series next so will leave all avenues free of bias. I don't see remasters of classic games soemthing they will present at E3 either. It will be all about the Avengers and likely some other Final Fantasy product they no doubt have in the pipeline.

Patrick star 31-05-19 13:19

Why are you "boycotting" Avengers because of SOTTR ? lol .

Anyway , I don't have any expectations for anything TR at E3 . I'd be pleased to be proved wrong obviously but right now I'm not seeing it .

And it'd be better if people don't set themselves up for possible disappointments as we have 0 indications for a TR presence at E3 , especially the tiny minority here who're notorious for throwing hissy fits and crazy tantrums over the silliest and most trivial stuff possible , lol .

killchan 31-05-19 13:25

Guardians Of The Galaxy
FFVII remake
Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition (+ 8th final tomb)
more of Just Cause 4 DLC
mobile games
Nintendo Switch ports
2 teasers for new IPs

Amunet 31-05-19 13:27

I'm not expecting anything TR related at E3. I would love to have a Classic Remaster/Remake announcement, but I'm not holding my breath.

I think they'll just focus on Marvel's Avengers and maybe FF.

jajay119 31-05-19 13:28

Considering Avalanche havent even been able to patch in a brightness option rendering night time segments unplayable at times I highly hope they're not still trying to rinse people for more money. JC4 was honestly a massive let down to me after 3.

AshesBorn 31-05-19 13:28

I doubt there will be any major TR-related announcements (if any), and I'm fine with that.

biscuits 31-05-19 13:31

I think Tomb Raider in general will rest for a while. I don't mean it will be abandoned or go on hiatus or whatever. I think they're just going to have a much longer development cycle so they can work on making it a next gen title. They might build the entire thing from the ground up in terms of assets, graphics, animations, etc. The reboot trilogy has a solid and good run in these 5 years, but sticking to the (IMO) stale formula won't help them. They'll probably work on changing things up and making it fresh again.

But that depends on the Marvel deal.
From what we know of the Avengers game, it is NOT a single player action adventure game on the likes of Tomb Raider or Uncharted. It's a live service game with a heavy focus on co-op gameplay. So more of a GAAS title similar to Anthem or Destiny. Those types of games usually get extended developer support for years after launch.

In short, I think Square will have their western developers focus on Marvel projects for the coming years. EM also has to work on a Guardians game. Their baby Deus Ex is probably never returning.

Legends 31-05-19 13:37

I have no expectations for Reboot Raider this E3, even less for Tomb Raider as that has been dead for over a decade, but I do hope Nintendo is ready to announce Breath of The Wild 2 soon, but I'm not really expecting that either. Just hoping.

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