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Cog 06-06-08 21:40

The Almighty Underpus Compels You.
[CENTER][SIZE="3"][b]Underpus is made of Epic.
Image edits are a must. ([URL="http://i28.************/et5z6x.jpg"]original[/URL])[/CENTER]

touchthesky 06-06-08 21:41

It's too cute to kill!

Lenochka 06-06-08 21:42

How is that thing cute!? :vlol:
it reminds me of that chick from starwars ep.1... the one with the red outfit and the crazy ass hair :vlol:

touchthesky 06-06-08 21:43

The "root" things remind me of little arms. Want to use them to cuddle me.

I always thought Torso was the cutest thing evr as well.

ben croft 06-06-08 21:44

Insteresting way they decorate the levels. No bosses, only paintings and big statues of monsters...


touchthesky 06-06-08 21:44

I don't think that's a statue...

Spikey 06-06-08 21:44

[QUOTE=touchthesky;2757180]It's too cute to kill![/QUOTE]

I agree, it's kinda cute in a strange and morbid way. :D

Although, the steam vents kinda make it look like some sort of...Robopus. :p

ben croft 06-06-08 21:47

[quote=touchthesky;2757192]I don't think that's a statue...[/quote]

It's not a statue only, it's a statue that (soon) will have obvious ledges.


JACOBryanBURNS 06-06-08 21:48

I'm telling you, Lara is going to show up and be like "This is a MUST for the basement aquarium."

Ben, are you going to make every thread your in a place to gripe and moan about ledges? Seriously...

ben croft 06-06-08 21:50

Alister: "Ewww that's so disgusting"
Zip: "So where's the papa?"

*options, turns off everything*


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