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GeckoKid 01-09-08 13:00

that octopus vid is a student group project in france... i wish i could have done something like that ;--;

IceColdLaraCroft 02-09-08 19:17

[QUOTE=tampi;3015116]Octopus are in vogue

[youtube]VaM9mrnOMJo[/youtube] :)[/QUOTE]

SO CUTE! I love it

TRhalloween 02-09-08 19:18

Why is this thread even stickied?

Ruediger 02-09-08 20:17

:D:D i love this video!! soooooooooo cute!! :D

jumoeder 02-09-08 21:46

[QUOTE=TRhalloween;3019855]Why is this thread even stickied?[/QUOTE]

because it is the funniest thread ever!!!:jmp::jmp::jmp:

Jolf 03-09-08 15:49

OMG!!!:vlol: funniest thread ever!!!:vlol:

HolidayCroft 03-09-08 22:56

[I]Oh Lara, don't you have heart??[/I]
[SIZE="1"]just wanted to do some underpus thing :D[/SIZE][/QUOTE]
awww lara help him lol

thevman 04-09-08 00:02

[QUOTE=TRhalloween;3019855]Why is this thread even stickied?[/QUOTE]

[b][size=6]BLASPHEMY!!![/size][/b] :smk::ton:

young Lara Croft 04-09-08 07:06

[QUOTE=tampi;3015116]Octopus are in vogue

[youtube]VaM9mrnOMJo[/youtube] :)[/QUOTE]

OMG! this is amazing!!!!! and funny !! :tmb: thanks for sharing!!!

Alex Fly 10-09-08 11:00

Awwww... :hug:


Bit random but I wanted to post it... :p

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